After 46 hours of using a hand crank generator to keep his daughter's ventilator going during Hurricane Katrina, Nolan Hayes (Paul Walker) accidentally breaks the handle off, causing the power to finally kick off. In a panic, Nolan begins to give his daughter CPR, but his body begins to shut down from exhaustion and he passes out.

A short while later, two EMT's find him and begin to cart him out of the hospital in a stretcher. Nolan tells them to "Save Abby" and "my baby" but they believe him just to be delirious. Just as they seem to be leaving the child behind, his daughter Abigail (named after his wife, Abigail (Genesis Rodriguez) who died in childbirth) cries for the first time. The EMT's finally put it together, find her, and place Abigail in her father's arms as they both are evacuated.

The last shot is Nolan holding on to his daughter, sobbing in relief that she is okay.

Thanks Spectre!