Though Scotty succeeds in schooling Hunter, Rounder, and Ashby on how to pick up chicks, the deal eventually goes south with the former two one day after he stops Hunter from trying to force himself onto another woman. Hunter tells Scotty that their deal is off, and then enacts a plan of revenge on him by first tricking his girlfriend Kristi into thinking that he is cheating on her and then later starts wooing her himself in the hopes of sleeping with her.

A day or two later, Hunter and Rounder decide to have a party at the house with some business people to make some potential profits in the business world. Ashby – disgusted with Hunter over this and especially with how he is trying to break up Scotty and Kristi – severs all ties with Hunter and Rounder, and then tells Scotty and his friend Rag about the party. Sensing an opportunity to get even with Hunter, Scotty and Rag cook up some schemes that result in the party getting ruined, Hunter and Rounder getting greatly embarrassed, and their potential business connections going kaput. In the midst of this, Scotty talks to Kristi and tries to smooth out their situation.

The next day, Kristi tells Scotty that Hunter had confessed his misdeeds to her, so she gets back together with him, and they make plans to move in together.

After Scotty (Grant Cramer), his friend Rag (Courtney Gains), and the older guys Hunter (Gary Wood), Rounder (Michael Rapport), and Ashby (Sorrells Pickard) spend a night out on the town with their respective dates, they all start to spend the morning at a secluded beach spot. Hunter ends up tricking his date Candy (Crystal Shaw) into undressing herself and then tries to force himself onto her, but Scotty – who had left his girlfriend Kristi (Teal Roberts) alone to get some champagne from the limousine they all rode in together – hears Candy’s screams of refusal and comes to her aid. Angered by his interference, Hunter tells Scotty that their deal is off and he has to get out of their beach house by noon.

As Scotty comforts Candy, Hunter decides to get revenge on him, so he goes up to Kristi and lies to her by saying that Scotty is cheating on her with Candy right now. Kristi sees Scotty hugging Candy while she is still in her undergarments and therefore believes Hunter, so she stops speaking to Scotty. After Scotty hurls a few insults at Hunter before leaving the house, Hunter decides to start making some moves on Kristi in the hopes of eventually sleeping with her. Scotty later has a heartfelt chat with Ashby (whom he isn’t at odds with), as does Kristi with her sister Lana (Roberta Collins), and they both realize that they truly do love each other. 

Scotty and Ashby pay a visit to the Diaper Rash band that Scotty had made himself manager of, and among a few other details, they tell them that they are booked for a party being held at the beach house. Ashby heads back there and finds out that the party is indeed a go, and Hunter is planning to use it to make some profits for himself in the business world. Ashby scolds Hunter for forgetting that this trip was just for pleasure and for trying to split up Scotty and Kristi, and then he severs his ties with him and Rounder and leaves. He informs Scotty and Rag about the reasons Hunter is having the party, so the duo start to cook up some ideas on how to ruin it.

As the party is in full swing, Hunter tries to pimp Kristi and her friend Kimberly (Cindy Silver) off on his business partner Farnsey (Steve Gold), which hurts Kristi’s impression of him. Scotty has a gang of girls distract Hunter so he can talk to Kristi alone, and Rounder’s mother – whom Scotty and Rag have somehow managed to contact – then shows up looking for her son. Scotty finds Kristi in the upstairs bathroom and locks himself in with her, and after telling her his side of the story regarding Candy, she says that she’ll go ask her about what happened.

As Farnsey makes unwanted advances towards Kimberly, Rag comes to her defense. His hits don’t hurt Farnsey, but Farnsey goes down when Kimberly knees him in the crotch, and then his toupee accidentally gets caught on fire. Meanwhile, the girls entertaining Hunter slather honey all over him and then cover him with pillow feathers, and as he runs from them, he takes a big fall into the hot tub and takes Farnsey with him. Rounder’s mother finds her son showing off how well-endowed he is to the gals, and she pulls him out of the house by his ear, embarrassing him in front of everyone.

The following morning, as Scotty is cleaning up the mess, he comes across Rag and Kimberly fooling around together in one of the beds. That evening, Kristi shows up, and she tells Scotty that she talked to Hunter, and he (no doubt humbled from last night’s experience) came clean with her about Candy, so she wanted to apologize to him. She also tells him that she’s going back to college, but will be transferring to nearby Cal State, and she also proposes moving in with him so she can save some money, which he happily approves of. The two then have sex to close out the movie.

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