Hardbodies 2

Scotty (Brad Zutaut) and Cleo (Fabiana Udenio) get kidnapped from the movie set one night by the guy hired on to be the film’s kidnapper (George Kotanidis), who mistakenly believed that he was supposed to kidnap them for real. They are taken to the home of him and his wife (Yula Gavala), but his wife lets them go in the morning after getting Scotty’s autograph.

Cleo returns to her stepfather (George Gifos), and Scotty goes back to the hotel where the cast and crew are staying. Shortly after arriving back, Scotty finds Morgan (Brenda Bakke) fooling around with Sean (Curt Wilmot), since she had believed that he was dead. Scotty calls off their engagement and takes back her ring, and at the movie set later that day, he gives the ring to Cleo. Meanwhile, Sean hangs out at her stepfather’s restaurant with the movie’s investors, and he tells her stepfather that Cleo is doing a love scene with nudity and lies about certain details to make it seem worse than it actually is. He flies into a rage and heads straight for the movie set with Sean and the film kidnapper in tow to get revenge on the filmmakers.

The film crew prepares to shoot the last scene at the airport (and Brucie [Alexi Mylonas] has actually acquired a real passport and visa for Cleo for this scene), and Scotty’s flight back to the U.S. is scheduled to leave at around the same time they are shooting it. Morgan appears and tries to get Scotty to take her back, but he turns her down and also takes her plane ticket. Scotty and Cleo start filming their scene where they are running towards a plane, but as they run, Sean, Cleo’s stepfather, and the kidnapper show up. This prompts them to change their direction and run towards Scotty’s plane, and they get on it just as its doors are closing. Cleo asks Scotty what they are doing, and he replies “Eloping”, and they kiss. Scotty then gives a stewardess their tickets and passports to cover for their presence.

The movie ends with them, as well as Rags (Sam Temeles) and his new love Cookie (Louise Baker), having sex in the bathroom cabins.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!