Board Heads
aka Beach Movie

Ronald makes a dirty deal with Kimberlee to get Sunny out of contention for Miss Bikini Olympia so Kimberlee can win it, which they accomplish by exploiting Sunny’s (unfounded) insecurities about Link cheating on her with Kimberlee and making her so downhearted that she drops out. Ronald also goes behind the backs of Howard and Conner and signs a contract with some TV executives to make the Bikini Olympics an annual event with him gaining all of the profits from it, unaware that Link has eavesdropped on the whole deal.  

After Link’s friend Bernie assures Sunny that Link is faithful to her, she quickly re-enters the contest and wins it after putting on a “French Riviera bikini” (a bikini bottom with pasties on her breasts). Link proclaims his love for her and kisses her. Bernie ends up hooking up with Sunny’s friend Gloria, and Howard and Conner also find new girlfriends of their own. Link later informs Howard and Conner of the deal Ronald made with the TV execs, so they angrily confront him about it, but he escapes before they can do any physical harm to him.

The next day, Conner decides to take himself, his new love, and all of the other couples on a love cruise to Hawaii to “keep the party going”, and Ronald ends up as a live-in handyman and boy toy for Link’s elderly ex-landlord Mrs. Jones.

As the Bikini Olympics near their end, Kimberlee (Portia Dawson) asks Ronald (Bronson Pinchot) what her chances are of winning the final contest for the title of Miss Bikini Olympia. After he replies that she’d be a shoe-in if Sunny (Gabrielle Anwar) wasn’t participating, she tells him that she wants the title (and the $50,000 prize that comes with it), so she starts formulating a plan with him to get Sunny removed from the contest.

That night, as Link (Alex DeBoe) and Bernie (Douglas Spain) see Sunny and Gloria (Meadow Sisto) show up for the contest in a limousine with Ronald, Howard (David Packer), and Conner (William Bumiller), Kimberlee comes up to Link and has him feel her bikini right in Sunny’s line of sight. Alex goes up to Sunny and tries to explain himself, but she fully believes now that he and Kimberlee have a thing going on, so she tells him to go screw himself. A little later on, Ronald chats with Sunny, and he lies to her by saying that Link had told him that they were in an open relationship. Depressed, she tells Ronald that she is dropping out of the contest. Soon after, Link spots Ronald having a secret meeting with executives of one of the television stations covering the Bikini Olympics and signs a contract to make it an annual broadcast, but only his name is on the contract instead of his, Howard’s, and Conner’s, so he will gain full rights to this broadcast and all future ones as well as all exclusive royalties from them.

Bernie and Gloria find Sunny, and after Sunny tells them that she isn’t competing because she believes that Link is sleeping with Kimberlee, Bernie tells her that, as Link’s best friend, he knows his every move, and he knows that he is faithful to her. Feeling better now, Sunny re-enters the contest just seconds before Kimberlee can be announced as the winner, and Gloria ends up converting her dress into a bikini bottom and puts daisy pasties on her breasts as a top. An arriving Link points out that what Sunny is wearing is a “French Riviera bikini”, so she is declared the winner. When Kimberlee asks him why he would help Sunny, he replies that it is because he loves her. He goes up on stage and kisses her, and Ronald tries to put the moves on Kimberlee to take her mind off of her defeat, but she blows him off.

After getting Sunny off the stage and putting his shirt on her, Link takes off to find Howard and Conner to let them know of the secret deal Ronald made. Ronald then tries to hit on Sunny, but she shoves him away in disgust. Link’s elderly ex-landlord Mrs. Jones (Loretta Swit) then comes up to him and hits on him, so he has sex with her in the limousine he arrived in. Bernie and Gloria end up connecting and have sex in one of the TV production trailers, and Howard and Conner also find love with – respectively – Linda (Kat Davison) and Patti (Teresa Ganzel).

Shortly after Ronald’s fun ends, Link, Howard, and Conner confront him over the deal he made, but when Conner attempts to slug him, he accidentally hits Howard on the wind-up, and the resulting confusion enables Ronald to run away. Link and Sunny go back to Ronald, Howard, and Conner’s beach house and have sex there.

The next morning, all of the couples meet up at the house’s breakfast table, and Conner announces that he will be taking them all on a love cruise to Hawaii to “keep the party going.” Meanwhile, Mrs. Jones finds Ronald sleeping on the beach and decides to take him into her home to be a live-in handyman (and undoubtedly a live-in boy toy as well).  

Thanks Tornado Dragon!