Hot Resort

Due to the manager Mr. Martin (Samm-Art Williams) encouraging them to defend the hotel’s honor as well as their own, Marty (Tom Parsekian), Kenny (Michael Berz), Brad (Bronson Pinchot), Chuck (Dan Schneider), and the other staff members on the ragtag rowing team turn the staged rowing contest against the yuppie Typhoon team into a real one. In the end, the film crew trying to shoot footage of the Typhoons for the soup commercial ends up steering their motorboat too close to them, sending waves coming off of the motor into their scull and sinking it, which allows the hotel team to get across the finish line and win.

That night, Marty meets up with Liza (Debra Kelly) so they can go on their pre-arranged date, but Liza – while being surprisingly okay about it – soon reveals to him that she knows of the bet he made with Kenny and Brad over whether he would score with her or not after they had directly given her $40 of the money they owed him for losing. Marty assures her that she is worth a lot much more than that, and they kiss before leaving for their date.

The Typhoons get their soup commercial done, but they have a terrible time doing it. Kenny hooks up with Liza’s friend Franny (Marcy Walker). Chuck ends up going on a pleasure cruise with the hotel maid that he first had sex with, along with some of her friends, and Mr. Martin comes out as gay and hooks up with the gay concierge Mr. Williams (Stephen Stucker).

Thanks Tornado Dragon!