Under the Cherry Moon

Isaac has Chris killed when he and Mary try to run off together.  Tricky goes back to Miami to run an apartment complex with Katy that Mary bought with her trust fund money, which implies that she married Jonathan.

Christopher Tracy (Prince) is the lounge pianist for a posh hotel in Nice, France.  He and his brother Tricky (Jerome Benton) are actually gigolos from Miami who use the lounge to find lonely rich women to romance and eventually get their money.  One day, Tricky learns about Mary Sharon (Kristen Scott Thomas, in her movie debut), the daughter of Isaac Sharon (Steven Berkoff), the richest and most powerful man in Nice.  She is to inherit a $50 million trust fund upon her 21st birthday, and he convinces Chris to romance her to get at the money.  They agree that if Chris is successful in getting to her money, then Tricky will receive 30% of what Chris can con from her as a finders fee.  They crash her birthday party and attempt to get to know her, but Mary wants nothing to do with either of them and has them thrown out of the party.  Chris is persistent in pursuing her, and he and Mary eventually begin a relationship.

Chris finds out from Mary that she has a boyfriend named Jonathan, currently living in New York, and her father recently changed the trust fund so that she can only get it if they marry.  Jonathan is the son of Isaac's business partner, and Isaac wants them to marry so they can form the richest family in France.  Undeterred, Chris continues to romance Mary, and they soon fall in love.  Chris goes so far as to tell Tricky that this romance is real and he is ready to get out of the business and go back to Miami.  This angers Tricky because he wants his money, and also because Chris has broken the number one rule of being a gigolo: don't fall in love with your mark.  Meanwhile, Isaac has found out about Mary's relationship with Chris and reminds her that she won't get the money if they run off and marry, which Chris has started talking about.  She says that she doesn't care about the money anymore and wants to be with Chris.  Since she won't end the relationship, Isaac begins to use his considerable influence to make things difficult for Chris.

One night, a drunken Tricky, still angry because he will not be getting any money from Mary, tells her that Chris is only in this relationship for the trust fund.  Chris tells her that's a lie, but she runs off.  Upon returning home, she tells her mother that she wants to go to New York tonight to marry Jonathan (even though she doesn't love him) and start a new life there.  Upon arriving at the airport, Chris is there and wants to talk.  She willingly goes with him, but Isaac sees it as a kidnapping and orders the local police to stop him and bring her back.  They drive all the way to the dock, and he tells her the truth.  Yes, it was originally about the money, but he is in love with her and just wants to be with her.  She believes him and they get back together.  At that time, a hungover Tricky goes back to the apartment he and Chris share to apologize for what he said, but is met by several of Isaac's security guards.  They rough him up as they ask where Chris and Mary are, but he doesn't know.  He eventually gets the upper hand, but just as he is getting away, Katy, one of Tricky's lady friends, shows up.  They get away together and head to the dock, because Chris keeps a motorboat there.  Isaac's thugs are in close pursuit.

Tricky and Katy arrive at the dock and immediately see Chris.  He had left Mary on a nearby island and was returning home to get his things because they were going to leave Nice that night and never return.  They tell Chris about the thugs, and he immediately gets back on his boat and drives away while Tricky and Katy try to hold them off.  On the way to the island, a police boat, with Isaac on board, spots Chris.  Isaac orders the police to shoot Chris to prevent him from getting away.  Chris reaches the island, and just as Mary is about to get on the boat, the policeman shoots Chris.  He is laying in Mary's arms as he dies.  The scene then shifts to Miami, where Tricky and Katy are in a luxury apartment building.  The movie ends with Tricky taking a phone call from Mary.  She tells him that she still misses Chris, and is adjusting to her new life.  She then asks how their new investment is coming along (meaning the apartment building).  This implies that she did marry Jonathan and got her trust fund.

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