Dr. Cabbie

Deepak (Vinay Virmany) ends up getting arrested in the middle of the huge Hindu-themed get-together he had invited Natalie (Adrienne Palicki) to; this, over an incident that made news and even got Colin (Chris Diamantopoulos) -the sleazy actual father of Ganesh (Natalie's baby, whom he helped deliver in his cab earlier in the film), and aspiring Major- involved: Zara, the young pregnant Muslim girl whom Deepak deterred earlier from killing herself, overhears her father disowning her upon finding out about her pregnancy and attemps suicide with the anti-stress pills Deepak provided her with.

Deepak goes to trial and Natalie convinces him to be represented by her in Court; at the same time, Colin finds out and gets his friend and fellow lawyer, James (Judah Katz), to be the Prosecutor.

The trial goes on, with everyone exposing their points: the Prosecution tries to discredit Deepak's efforts of selflessly providing people with medical care and prescriptions as a criminal charge of "impersonating a medical Doctor, illegally prescribing drugs and negligent malpractice that almost resulted in the death of a person", and puts a motion for him being deported from Canada.  In turn, the Defense and its witnesses -including Zara, who had survived her overdose attempt, and Pete (Stephen McHattie), Deepak's boss, who was now wheelchair-bound, due to his cancer- all vow in favor of Deepak as a decent, hard-working man and a caring, capable Doctor.

When Deepak himself is called to testify, he ends up reciting the Hyppocratic Oath, the one every graduating Doctor must bind to for the rest of their practicing lives.  This, to the surprise of everyone in the room.

The Jury finds Deepak not guilty of malpractice or "impersonating a Doctor" because he actually WAS a Doctor; but guilty of illegally prescribing drugs.  However, before the Judge (Ron Lea) passes his sentence, Natalie asks to step off for a little while with her client; this, to surprise him with eloping (all their friends in attendance, as witnesses).  At first, it seems he doesn't want to marry her; but it's just because he hadn't properly proposed, which he does.

They both return to the trial as a happily married couple, and the Judge's sentence is that Deepak won't be deported, but, due to the guilty verdict of illegal drug prescription, he has to do 500 hours of community service.  As they are walking away, Colin comes upon them, trying to mock and taunt them upon their triumph, but Deepak steps up and punches him.  Then, Natalie comes asking if he's OK, just to knee him in the balls and leave him twitching on the floor.

The plot forwards to two years later, with Deepak working as a Doctor in a hospital, raising Ganesh with Natalie, while she is visibly pregnant with their own child.  Also, the Hindu Swami who predicted Raj's eventual fortune in Canada finds out and gloats happily about it.  Then, the film ends with some extra scenes and bloopers, at the rhythm of Bollywood-like tunes.

Thanks Julio M!