In the Name of the King 3
The Last Mission

Hazen Kaine is a hitman who is transported back to Medieval Bulgaria.  He teams up with a pair of Princesses to kill the man who murdered their parents, the King and Queen.  He succeeds, then returns to the present day, kills his boss, and gets out of the hitman business.  Throughout the movie, he is chased by a fire-breathing dragon, who follows him back to the present day and gets away.

Hazen Kaine (Dominic Purcell) is an American hit man who wants out of the business.  His boss Ayavlo (Marian Valav) promises him $2 million and a clean break after completing one last job in Sofia, Bulgaria.  He is to kidnap two young girls who are members of the Bulgarian Royal Family and hand them over to the mob.  Hazen gets the girls as they are leaving their school, and later locks them inside a shipping container at an abandoned trainyard.  He notices one of the girls wearing a medallion around her neck and takes it.  As he is leaving, he notices that the emblem on the medallion, which is shaped like a seven-point star, is identical to a tattoo he has on his arm.  As he is holding the medallion next to his tattoo, the medallion lights up and a portal suddenly opens next to him.  He is sucked into the portal, dropping the medallion in the process, and is deposited into a forest.

A confused Hazen wanders through the forest and emerges near a community dressed in Medieval-era clothing.  As he approaches it, a fire-breathing dragon shows up and begins to terrorize the community.  An even more confused Hazen rushes in and uses his gun to shoot at the dragon, which then flies away.  Two teenage sisters, Arabella and Emeline, see Hazen with the unusual weapon and presume he is a sorcerer.  They then notice the star tattoo, and tell him it's similar to the one their father had.  He was the King of Bulgaria who was killed, along with his wife, by his brother Tervin (also Marian Valav) and took over the throne.  Hazen said it's something his wife picked out for him just before she died.  Arabella and Emeline decide to take Hazen to see Ulrich, their local shaman, but along the way are quickly ambushed by some of Tervin's men.  The three fight them off, but Hazen's arm is injured by a sword during the fight.  The only survivor returns to Tervin's castle and tells him they found the Princesses and an unknown warrior wearing the mark.  Tervin then assembles his army and has them prepare to attack.

At Ulrich's cave, he tells Hazen that anyone with that tattoo has the ability to see into the lives of those who are intertwined with his, and very few warriors have it.  The medallion he briefly held led him to this place because he has a destiny to fulfill before he can return to his time, and Ulrich believes that destiny is to defeat Tervin.  Hazen refuses to join the fight, and Arabella angrily runs off.  Emeline then tells Hazen that Arabella blames herself for their parents' death.  Tervin wanted to marry her, but she refused and the King wouldn't force her, so Tervin killed the King and Queen, but the Princesses escaped.  If she said yes, they would still be alive.  Now back in their village, the trio meet up with their Uncle Tybalt, the late King's other brother, and he tells Hazen that Tervin possesses a similar medallion and if he defeats him, he can get that medallion and return home.  For that reason, Hazen decides to join their fight and since his gun is out of bullets from shooting at the dragon, he gets a crash course from Arabella in sword fighting.

That night, Tervin's army attacks the village.  The villagers put up a fight and kill several soldiers, but they are soon outnumbered and are forced to flee.  The next day, while the villagers tend to their wounds, Hazen convinces Tybalt and Ulrich that the only way to defeat Tervin is to use the element of surprise and attack him.  While the army is fighting the villagers outside the castle, Hazen will enter the castle, kill Tervin, and take the medallion so he can go home.  That afternoon, everyone gathers all of the arms they can carry and march on Tervin's castle.  Unfortunately, Tervin's army sees the approaching villagers and attack them before they can reach the castle.  Many on both sides are killed, and soon Tervin himself joins the battle.  Tybalt sees him and orders the fighting stopped, and proposes that the fighting end once and for all with a duel to the death between Tervin and Hazen.  Tervin accepts, but he stabs Tybalt to death before attacking Hazen.  Hazen quickly gets the upper hand in the fight, but before he can finish him off, Tervin uses his medallion to summon the dragon.  The dragon's appearance forces Hazen to back off, allowing Tervin to escape to his castle.

Once the dragon flies away, Hazen and Arabella ride to the castle.  After they dispatch the few remaining soldiers there, Arabella attacks Tervin but gets quickly knocked out.  Hazen and Tervin resume their fight, with Hazen ultimately winning after he stabs Tervin in the heart, killing him instantly.  As he tends to Arabella, the portal opens again.  Hazen kisses her goodbye, but just as he enters the portal, the dragon returns and flies into the portal after him.  Back in the present day, the portal drops Hazen and the dragon into downtown Sofia.  While the dragon chases Hazen through the streets of Sofia, the mob has arrived at the shipping container holding the two little girls Hazen kidnapped earlier.  Once Hazen is able to get away from the dragon, he goes to the trainyard, kills a mob member and takes his gun, and starts shooting the other mob members.  One of them is about to shoot Hazen when the dragon reappears and carries her away.  Hazen then shoots Ayavlo to death, and then picks up the medallion where he originally dropped it and gives it back to the girls.  The movie ends with Hazen returning the girls to their father then walking away, all while the dragon is flying above Sofia.

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