The Woman

Chris Cleek (Sean Bridgers), a successful lawyer, is married to Belle (Angela Bettis), and has three kids, a teen daughter Peggy (Lauren Ashley Carter), a teen son Brian (Zach Rand), and a young daughter Darlin (Shyla Molhusen). The family lives on a remote farm and seems almost overly obdient. 

While on a hunting trip, Chris notices a wildling woman (Pollyanna McIntosh), caring for a baby. He decides to trap the woman, chaining her in the cellar to civilize her. He forces his family to take part in the womans care/torture. The womans baby left behind in the forest to die.

We start to notice that tedn son Brian enjoys hurting people, teen daughter Peggy is hiding a pregnancy, wife Belle is being abused by her husband and that the family owns several dogs who never stop barking.

Chris rapes the woman, his son does the same but stabs heras well. When Belle confronts Chris with this fact, she says shes taking the girls and leaving and he beats her unconscious,  breaking her ribs. Just then a knock at the door. A teacher from Peggys school has come to notify the parents that Peggy is pregnant. Chris seems shocked, and we discover hes the father. He takes the teacher out to the "dog pen", inside are not only dogs but a woman beaten and abused who thinks shes a dog, she attacks and kills the teacher. In an attempt to save her younger sister Peggy cuts free the woman in the cellar, the woman attacks Belle first, eating her face off, then kills Chris and his teen son. The wildling woman, takes Darlin with her back to the forest to replace her lost child, keeping the dog woman as her new pet and inviting pregnant Peggy to join them. Peggy hesitates, then follows her sister and the woman into the wilderness.

Thanks Melissa!