Celtic Pride

During his time in captivity, Lewis (Damon Wayans) gets enlightened by Mike (Daniel Stern) and Jimmy (Dan Aykroyd) as to how much of an unprofessional ball hog he is. He later manages to get free of them, and tells them to root for him at the final game and hope that the Utah Jazz win or else he will have them arrested for kidnapping him. Feeling that they are surely prison-bound, Jimmy spends some quality time with his grandmother, and Mike reconciles with his wife Carol (Gail O’Grady) and son Tommy (Adam Hendershott).

At the final game, Mike and Jimmy show up wearing Jazz jerseys with Lewis’s name on them, and they keep their fellow Celtics fans from giving them a hard time by saying that they are going to pretend to root for the Jazz in order to jinx them. However, their situation goes from bad to worse when Officer O’Grady (Paul Guilfoyle) – who was in on their kidnapping plot – comes up to them, and after they tell him that Lewis escaped, he informs them that he had bet on the Celtics and had 20,000 special championship shirts made that will be worthless if they lose, so they’d better hope the Celtics win or else they will be covering his losses.

During the game, Jimmy wins a halftime contest for $100,000, but the Celtics are in the lead, and none of the Jazz players will pass Lewis the ball. Considering the situation hopeless, Jimmy tells Mike that he will take the blame for everything and keep him out of prison since he has a family, but Mike assures him that he will not let him go down alone.

After seeing Lewis continue to be ignored by his teammates, Mike screams at him to pass the ball for once. Lewis listens, and he acts more like a team player as the Jazz start scoring. At the tail end of the fourth quarter, Lewis ends up making a pass to Lurch (Vladimir Cuk), who scores the deciding basket to give the Jazz the victory and the NBA championship. Mike and Jimmy go up to Lewis and congratulate him, but then O’Grady appears. He asks Lewis if they kidnapped him, but Lewis replies that they’re his friends, sparing them from prison (and, though it is not shown or mentioned, it is more than likely that Jimmy gave O’Grady his $100,000 check to cover his fruitless expenditures).

Carol makes Mike promise to never interfere with an NBA championship game again, but seven months later, football season is underway, and the movie ends with him and Jimmy breaking into the hotel room of Deion Sanders (himself) at 3 a.m., intending to kidnap him to aid the New England Patriots in the Superbowl.

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