The Emir didn't kill Sawa's (India Eisley) parents. Karl Aker (Samuel L. Jackson), a cop and her supposed protector, did. With the help of her childhood friend Oburi (Callan McAuliffe) who she begins to remember after getting clean from the memory erasing AMP drug, and his father Otis, Sawa learns the truth. Aker had stolen guns from the police armory and sold them. Otis was going to report him but then his wife was murdered. To protect his son, Otis named Sawa's father. Aker then used Otis and Oburi to gain access to the apartment, killed Sawa's parents then doped her on AMP to give her a story about the Emir actually being responsible.

Aker tracks the three down and kills Otis, but is wounded in the process. Aker claims he made a mistake but protected Sawa when he could of abandoned her, and that everything he did was in an effort to clean up the country from corruption. Aker walks away and Sawa follows him a rage. Aker stumbles to the ground and looks back at her, noting he created a beautiful monster. He finally reveals his true plan; by killing The Emir and his men, Sawa and Aker could take over the prostitution racket in the country. Sawa, horrified at how she was used, holds a revolver to his head and contemplates pulling the trigger.

The films ends with Sawa and Oburi going to a police refugee camp for orphaned children and it appears Sawa will finally find some peace. Aker is found by his colleagues alive but overdosed on AMP thanks to Sawa, which will cause him to forget her completely. Since his colleagues had begun to suspect him, it is implied that he will face punishment for his corruption if he ever recovers from the catatonic state Sawa put him in with the AMP drug.

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