Copper Mountain

Jackson (Alan Thicke) accepts a race against the resort’s bartender Yogi (Rod Hebron) for the last spot in the Pro Am skiing tournament, thinking that the out-of-shape Yogi will be easy to beat. However, much to Jackson’s surprise, Yogi turns out to be a superb skier and defeats him. Later on, Jackson learns from Michelle (Ziggy Laurence) that Yogi had Sonny (Dick Gauthier) put him in the race instead, and she explains that Yogi did it because he had already served on the U.S. Ski Team for ten years and thus had nothing left to prove. Jackson loses in the finals to Edwin Halsnes (himself), but he impresses everybody – including Halsnes – with his showing.

Bobby (Jim Carrey) helps Michelle with finally admitting to Sonny her feelings for him, and he returns her affections. Later on, Sonny meets up with Bobby and thanks him, and after Bobby tells him about how unsuccessful he is with the ladies because he can’t be himself (hence why he resorts to doing impressions around them), Sonny advises him to not try so hard and just loosen up. Bobby decides to try skiing to loosen up, but as his instructor is going over some of the basics, he sees a pretty girl eyeballing him and then skiing away. He attempts to ski after her, but loses control very quickly and skis wildly down the hill, and through freak luck, he pulls off some stunts that impress a lot of skiers. He ends up wiping out, but it gets him the attention of the two ladies that he had a couple of encounters with during the film, and he hooks up with them.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!