Rawhead Rex

Howard (David Dukes) shows up at the church just after Rawhead Rex (Heinrich von Schellendorf) had orchestrated a massacre of a bunch of police officers who were after him, and he finds Officer Conroy (Bob Carlile) and a dying Reverend Coot (Niall Toibin) as its only survivors. Before Coot perishes, he tells Howard that Rawhead is afraid of something in the altar.

After telling Conroy to go look after his wife Elaine (Kelly Piper) and his daughter, whom he had left back at the police station, he dashes into the church to check it out. Despite interference from the crazed Declan (Ronan Wilmot), Howard gets the altar open and finds that it contains the weapon that can defeat Rawhead: A small stone sculpture of a pregnant woman, created by the fertility cult that vanquished Rawhead centuries ago. Declan runs off to warn Rawhead, and Howard follows him.

Howard finds Declan and Rawhead in the graveyard, and after Rawhead knocks Declan to the ground, Howard holds the sculpture aloft to try to activate its power, but nothing happens. Rawhead knocks him and the sculpture to the ground, and then he angrily kills Declan (who happily welcomes it). Elaine suddenly shows up in the midst of this to try to help Howard, but Howard tells her to get away. As Rawhead tries to kill him, Elaine notices the sculpture and picks it up and holds it high herself, and this succeeds in bringing out its power and makes Howard realize that only a woman could make it work. The image of a hooded priestess emerges from the sculpture, and she draws magical energies from a group of Neolithic stones in the graveyard and fires them at Rawhead. Rawhead is knocked on top of a stone grave and degenerates into an elderly, withered, dying demon. Howard then breaks the grave open, sending Rawhead into the ground below, and Elaine accidentally drops the sculpture in with him. She and Howard then leave the graveyard, relieved that it is all over.

Unfortunately, some days later, after Neil (Simon Kelly) pays his respects to his brother Andy (Barry Lynch) – who was a victim of Rawhead – at his headstone, the weakened Rawhead bursts up from the ground nearby and roars….

Thanks Tornado Dragon!