Barb Wire

Barb fights and kills Colonel Pryzer with some assistance from Axel, avenging the earlier death of her brother Charlie at his hands. They then meet up with Cora D. and Police Chief Willis at Steel Harbor’s old airport, and Barb takes out the special contact lenses that she hid in her own eyes and gives them to Cora D. so she can pass the retinal scanner and board her flight to Canada, where she can warn the world about the Congressional Directorate’s bioweapon and give everyone the vaccine for it, which is in her system. Axel bids Barb farewell and follows Cora D. on board.

Chief Willis then asks Barb where she will go, and she produces the debit card with 750,000 credit that she took from an earlier deal gone wrong with crime boss Big Fatso over the lenses and says “I hear Paris is nice this time of year” before walking away.

Colonel Pryzer (Steve Railsback) eventually suspects Barb (Pamela Anderson) of being in possession of the special contact lenses that Cora D. (Victoria Rowell) needs to escape the country (which Schmitz [Clint Howard] has hidden in the kitchen of Barb’s strip club, hoping that Pryzer and his Congressional Directorate troops will find them and punish Barb due to her refusing to help him escape to Canada), so he and his men turn her strip club upside down searching for them, but come up empty-handed. After they leave, Charlie (Jack Noseworthy) shows Barb that he has the lenses, having heard where Schmitz hid them and found them. Barb decides to sell them so she and Charlie can use the cash to flee to Europe, but Charlie protests, feeling that they should give them to Cora D. and Axel (Temuera Morrison) (Cora was directly but unknowingly involved in the creation of a bioweapon for the Directorate, and she has the vaccine for it in her system, so she needs the lenses to bypass the retinal scanner at Steel Harbor’s old airport to get a flight to Canada to tell the world all about it). 

Barb meets up with crime boss Big Fatso (Andre Rosey Brown) and makes a deal where she will give him the lenses in exchange for $750,000 Canadian up front and an armed escort for her and Charlie through the city’s unoccupied zone to the airport so they can get a flight out of the country. As she does this, Charlie goes to the resistance’s hideout to speak to their leader Spike (Jennifer Banko) about the location of the lenses, but he discovers that Pryzer and his men are already there and have killed everyone. Pryzer tortures Charlie for the whereabouts of the lenses, but he refuses to talk and ends up getting tortured to death.

When Barb returns to her club, she tells Curly (Udo Kier) that she and Charlie are leaving the country and she is giving him ownership of the club. When she asks where Charlie is, he tells her that he left to meet with Spike. Fearing that something awful may have happened to him, she heads to the resistance’s hideout with Curly and finds Charlie’s body soon after arriving. Axel and Cora D. then show up, having come to warn the resistance that the Directorate has discovered their location, and they find Barb and Curly with Charlie’s body. Axel begs Barb to help him get Cora D. on the plane to Canada that night, telling her to do it for Charlie. After Curly tells Barb that he’ll take care of the body, she, Axel, and Cora D. leave to see Big Fatso. Axel and Cora D. query Barb on the whereabouts of the lenses, but she simply replies that they are “safe.”

The trio meet up with Big Fatso at the first toll booth of the unoccupied zone, and Barb apparently gives him the lenses, and she gets a gold debit card with 750,000 credit on it. However, when she demands her escort, Big Fatso summons for a group of Directorate troops and Steel Harbor cops lead by Pryzer and Police Chief Willis (Xander Berkeley), having decided to turn them in to collect the bounties on both her and Cora D. (as well as keep the debit card for himself). Pryzer orders Willis to cuff the trio, but Willis goes up to Barb first and pretends to cuff her as he gives her a hand grenade. She pulls the pin and tosses it high in the air, frightening the enemies away and allowing her, Axel, Cora D. and Willis to get back in their truck and escape, and the grenade lands on Big Fatso and blows him up. Pryzer and his men immediately pursue them, and during the chase, Barb wipes out many of the pursuers. 

The chase ends after the protagonists get past the second toll booth by the harbor and crash their truck, and Barb orders Willis to get Axel and Cora D. to the airport while she stalls Pryzer and his remaining troops. During their dash, Axel believes Barb may have bitten off more than she can chew, so he heads back to help her. Pryzer ends up surprising Barb by ramming a forklift into her motorbike and then pushing it against a car, trapping her leg. He parades her around and laughs, but before he can finish her off, Axel commandeers a crane and uses its hook to hook the forklift and lift all three vehicles high into the air. Barb gets free, and she and Pryzer fight it out until she goes on top of the forklift’s frame and throws the release lever on the hook, sending Pryzer and the vehicles to the ground, where they explode on impact and kill him.

Barb and Axel get to the airport and find Cora D. and Willis waiting for them, and Barb reveals that she hid the lenses in her own eyes. She takes them out and gives them to Cora D., and she passes the retinal scanner and boards the flight to Canada. Axel thanks Barb and bids her farewell before following Cora D. on board. Willis asks Barb where she will go now, and she shows him the debit card she managed to get back and says “I hear Paris is nice this time of year” before walking away.

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