The Last Seven

Seven strangers, William Blake (Simon Phillips), Jack Mason (Tamar Hassan), Issac (Ronan Vibert), Chloe (Daisy Head), Isabelle (Rita Ramnani), Robert Kendrick (Sebastian Street), and Henry Chambers (John Mawson) wake up in London completely deserted with little memory of who they actually were. As they try to figure out how to escape the city and figure out who they are, a masked demon figure (Danny Dyer) stalks them, killing Chambers, Mason, and Kendrick.

It turns out the seven are in purgatory, being judged. Mason and Kendrick were soldiers tasked to recover Erin, the daughter of Issac, a diplomat. However things went wrong, and Mason accidentally killed the girl. Henry Chambers, a government politician that ordered the rescue attempt, covers up the killing with a government blackout. In revenge, Issac built a pipe bomb and took it to a restaurant where all the characters were at, and detonated it, killing himself and countless others.

As they realize they are all dead, the demon kills Issac too. William and Isabelle see lights and hear voices, realizing that Chloe (who is revealed to be Henry's daughter who had been standing outside the restaurant) is still alive and push for her to realize it too and be revived. Hearing their own deaths being pronounced, William and Isabelle hold hands and a white light flashes over them.

Chloe gets medical attention and sees the demon figure and realizes it is the Angel of Death. He judged them all, sending Henry, Issac, Jack, and Robert to hell for their actions, William and Isabelle to heaven for their good nature, and sparing Chloe from death for the time being. The Angel of Death then disappears into the night.

Thanks Spectre!