The Age of Adaline
Adaline Bowman who was born on Jan 1, 1908 is rendered ageless by a car accident she had in 1935. Over the course of 80 years she moves from place to place never getting close to anyone and her only remaining confidant is Flemming (Ellen Burstyn).

Adaline in 2015 going by the name of Jenny meets Ellis Jones (Michael Huisman). They strike up a relationship.

Ellis then invites Adaline to his parents house for there 40th wedding anniversary. William (Harrison Ford) recognizes Adaline for a girl he met in the 1960's. Adaline promptly tells William that was her mother name and that she dies several years prior.

William gets suspicious and finally confronts her about it. Adaline admits to being the girl in the 1960's. William want her to stay for Ellis sake. Adaline promptly leaves.

Adaline then gets into a car accident and nearly dies. At the hospital Adaline tells Ellis the truth or some version of the truth. Flemming then arrives at the hospital.

One year later Adaline and Ellis leave for a New Years Eve party. Adaline looking the mirror pulls a grey hair out. Adaline starts to age again.

Thanks Michael R!