*A sort-of sequel to Scared to Death, in that they both use the same monster, but there is no plot connection between the two films, and the origins, weaknesses, etc. of the monster have changed.

While escaping from a newly-hatched Syngenor in the lab connected to Ethan’s (Lewis Arquette) house, Susan (Starr Andreeff) and Jack (Mitchell Laurance) encounter Lt. Rossell (Bill Gratton) arriving in his car, who tells them that Carter (David Gale) – the CEO of Norton Cyberdyne who has gone insane from paranoia over someone trying to oust him from his job due to the Syngenors – has claimed that they had something to do with his underling Stan (Charles Lucia) getting murdered at the company, so his superior wants them both brought in for questioning. They enter the car, but before they can go, the Syngenor attacks and kills Rossell. Jack gets in the driver’s seat and backs up a distance, then drives into the Syngenor full force, hitting it so hard that it goes over the car’s roof.

When they come to a stop a short time later, Susan tells Jack that they must go to Norton Cyberdyne and put an end to all of this, and she finds a revolver and bullets in the glove compartment. Just before they can drive on, the Syngenor surprise attacks them, having latched onto the roof. They manage to get the car in motion despite this, and they end up crashing it just outside of the company’s building. They get out of the vehicle just before it explodes, but the creature survives the blast, and the two head inside with the Syngenor slowly following behind.

Carter welcomes the duo into the building and tells them that a “party” is being held in his office, but when they get up there, they find all of the Board of Directors lying dead by Carter’s own hand except for Paula (Riva Spier) and David (Jeff Doucette), and Carter then announces that he is unleashing all of the Syngenors locked in the basement and sealing up the building. David tells the group that they need to get down to the company’s showroom, for there is a large laser weapon called the Death Rattle that they could use to kill them. On their way there, the hatched Syngenor from earlier surprise attacks them and kills David.

The others get to the showroom, and after seeing the laser weapon, Susan tells Jack that she and Paula will get the weapon down into the basement and point it at the freight elevator, and he will have to lure the Syngenors into that elevator so that way they will be able to kill them all in one shot. Jack finds the Syngenors and draws them into the elevator while he goes up the emergency exit onto its roof to get out of harm’s way. As Susan and Paula ready the laser, Paula admits that she was responsible for Ethan’s death at the hands of a Syngenor, having done it as part of her scheme to get control of the company from Carter.

The elevator then arrives, and Paula shoots the laser at the Syngenors and kills them all. Jack then jumps down from the hatch, and since the smoke from the blast obscures him, Paula believes him to be another Syngenor and fires up the gun for a second shot. Just then, the hatched Syngenor jumps down from the hatch after Jack and attacks him, but Jack knocks it back, and Susan shoves Paula away from the gun. While trying to get to Jack to get him out of the path of the laser, Susan makes the gun pivot on its stand, and the Syngenor grabs hold of Paula. As they struggle, the gun end up pointing at them and blasts them both to pieces. Susan and Jack then go look for Carter, intending to make sure he gets arrested for his crimes. However, after they leave, the Syngenor slowly reforms itself, and Paula’s remains get caught up in the reformation, resulting in a deformed Syngenor/Paula hybrid.

Susan and Jack find Carter up in the showroom, and as Carter goes off on an insane rant, the Syngenor/Paula hybrid shows up. The hybrid kills Carter and then starts moving towards Susan and Jack. Susan then takes a look at the movie about the Syngenor playing on the room’s video screen, and she notices how the company had planned to send the creatures into the Middle East, which is a water-free environment. After then remembering how her uncle had told her to spray the Syngenor egg before he died, she realizes that water is the creature’s primary weakness because it gets their air system wet (contradicting the Syngenor in Scared to Death, because it dwelled in a sewer). She and Jack get past the hybrid and pull the fire alarm to turn on the sprinklers, and the creature is melted into a gory pile of flesh. Susan then uses the revolver to shoot the video screen dead in triumph before she leaves with Jack.

However, after they go, the Syngenor in the showroom’s display case reveals itself to be alive….

Thanks Tornado Dragon!