The loan sharks Chad (David Allen Brooks) and Everett (William Shockley) approach Bobby (Louis Mandylor) on the night before the final Saturday of the month and tell him that they plan to steal whatever is in the safe his boss Reggie (Daniel Benzali) keeps in his office at the dealership, after Chad had spotted him putting a lot of money into it during a visit he and Everett paid there to Bobby two weeks earlier, and they want Bobby to provide the combination for it by tomorrow.

After Everett pays him a visit at the dealership the next day and confirms that they will do the robbery that night, Bobby returns home and tells Donna (Lori Loughlin) that they need to get away now, but Chad and Everett show up with guns drawn. Chad orders Everett to tie up Donna and has Bobby put on latex gloves like them so they won’t leave any fingerprints at the scene. As this happens, Reggie goes into the garage at the dealership to get the bags of cocaine he has hidden in a car in there for his deal that night with Scar (Robert Gaylor) and Big Scar (Jimmie Wood), but he gets confronted by J.J. (B.T.) and his gun-toting friends Clay (Walter Emanuel Jones) and Monty (Aaron Hoffman), who know of Reggie’s smuggling activities and his deal that night but are planning to kill him over his racist humor around J.J.

Reggie offers J.J. a cut of his pending deal, but he just gets a beating in response. Before J.J.’s buddies can shoot him and finish him off, Bobby, Chad, and Everett arrive, and moments later, so does Mohammed (Eli Danker), who has drove into the parking lot to quietly grieve for his sister, who was murdered in Afghanistan days before. Bobby, Chad, and Everett get Reggie’s safe open, but after Chad and Everett get the cash out, they decide to kill Bobby. Before they can, J.J. and his crew come in with Reggie and the cocaine and force them to drop their guns. Seeing the money on the desk, J.J. tells Clay and Monty to waste everyone, fixing to just take the money and run. Just then, Scar and Big Scar come in and shoot Clay and Monty dead, and their gunshots gets Mohammed’s attention. They free Reggie, and Reggie tries to do their deal and states that they must kill everyone so there will be no witnesses. Mohammed then appears, and when Big Scar tries to force him to stand next to the other unarmed people, he fights back, and everyone except Bobby, Chad, and Everett grabs a gun and starts blasting. When the dust settles, only Bobby is left alive and unharmed. He considers stealing the money from the safe himself, but decides against it and just runs home. Off-screen, he frees Donna and fills her in on the night’s events.

When they show up at work the next day, they find the place swarming with cops. They come up to their co-worker Eddie (Michael D. Roberts) and act oblivious to what’s going on, and he tells them that Reggie, J.J., and Mohammed were all working together dealing cocaine with the other dead lowlifes and they all ended up killing each other due to a deal gone wrong. Bobby gets questioned by the police, but he successfully lies to them by saying that he wasn’t present at the time of the shootout (which is aided by the fact that he was wearing his gloves the whole time). Donna later assures Bobby that she still loves him despite what went down, and business at the dealership continues on as usual, though everyone starts to do away with Reggie’s unethical methods of selling cars. Also, Bobby stands to get the $10,000 bonus for having sold the most cars during that month. 

Thanks Tornado Dragon!