The Escort

Mitch Cooper (Michael Doneger) is directionless in life and dealing with sex addiction. When he gets an offer for a job at a magazine based on first submitting an interesting article, he sets his sights on Natalie (Lyndsy Fonseca) a Stanford educated Escort he crossed paths with earlier.

Over time, they begin to bond and Mitch learns off the record the reason why Natalie chose her profession; she had made a joke Powerpoint of her sexual exploits in college and sent it to her friends, who betrayed her and sent it to everyone, making it a national story. Natalie believes no one will hire a whore, and decided to become an Escort if that's what everyone thought of her.

One night, after bonding with Mitch's sister, Mitch asks Natalie when the last time she was kissed. They kiss and it is implied they have sex. This changes things for Mitch who can no longer have casual sex with other women anymore. However, when he beats up a potential client who crosses the line, Mitch and Natalie eventually have an argument and angrily tell each other what they really think of their respective lives.

Mitch starts going to sex addiction meetings and eventually writes his article, getting job with the magazine. Natalie, realizing she has to move on from escorting, applies for an MBA program. When she believes they will reject her due to her past, the admissions officer reveals that the board was refreshed by her candor and have children that have been cyberbullied much like she was. They believe to judge her would make them hypocrites and accept her into the program.

Natalie tracks Mitch down and tells him she quit escorting and got into her MBA program, which will allow her to start her own tutoring business. They reconcile and kiss, becoming a couple.

Thanks Spectre!