Last House in the Woods

Antonio (Gennaro Diana) and Clara's (Santa de Santis) son Guilio (Fabiano Malantrucco) is a cannibal. Wanting to do everything to help him, they moved him to a house in the middle of nowhere, adopted two deformed men to be his "brothers" and begun hunting people for him to eat.

Andrea (Francesco Lopez) the boy who ran after seeing his mother murdered by Antonio, inadvertently found their house. Clara, though momentarily taken back by his resemblance to her son, eventually cut off his arms and legs for Guilio to eat, keeping him alive in a cage as a sad, lonely, limbless prisoner.

As Clara tells this all to a horrified Aurora (Daniela Virgilio), Guilio overhears everything. Shocked by the truth, and realizing he doesn't want people to be hurt because of him, he attacks and kills his mother, allowing Aurora to escape. Guilio then takes Andrea in his arms and hugs him, both finally free of the monstrous family.

Aurora goes back upstairs to her estranged boyfriend Rino (Daniele Grassetti) not realizing in her delirium that he has already died from blood loss from having his arm and leg cut off. Aurora kisses him one last time, and tells him she will never forget him. She escapes the house, and is last seen running down a long road, thankful her ordeal is over. 

Thanks Spectre!