Uncertain Terms

Nina and Robbie end up staying with their respective preexisting significant others.

Long Ending:
Robbie (David Dahlbom) arrives at a secluded cabin where his aunt Carla (Cindy Silver) runs a progressive support home for young pregnant women. At 30, Robbie is appreciably older than the late-teen/early-20 age of the pregnant women. He begins doing yardwork and other chores for Carla and it is clear that he is trying to escape from his troubles back home. The girls all become infatuated with Robbie and his air of maturity.

Robbie bonds with all the girls, but particularly with Nina (India Menuez). Of the girls, Nina is the only one still dating the father of her baby, a guy named Chase. It is quickly revealed that Chase is immature and prone to outbursts. Robbie questions Nina about whether she really wants to be with Chase and to have someone like Chase raise her child. He reveals that he got married very young and just discovered that his wife cheated on him, which is why he left home to live with Carla. Robbie notes that by getting married so young, he never developed a way to grow on his own or to grow with his wife.

Nina and Robbie spend more time together. One day, while Chase is visiting and screaming at Nina, Robbie confronts Chase and forces Chase to leave the property. That night, Nina runs out to Robbie and kisses him. One of the other women sees this and out of jealousy, lies to Nina that she and Robbie had slept together. Nina is heartbroken and invites Chase to visit her where she flaunts their relationship in front of Robbie.

Robbie goes to a divorce lawyer and has divorce papers drawn up and served upon his wife. He goes back to Carla's home and tells Nina he is divorcing his wife, is in love with her and wants to raise her baby. He states that kissing her was the best moment of  his life in the last five years.The pair seem to reconcile and Nina seems to accept Robbie's love.

That night, Robbie's wife shows up drunk at Carla's house. She barges inside and attacks Nina, causing Nina to flee the house. Robbie finds Nina being consoled by Chase. He approaches her to explain things but Chase punches him in the face and he and Nina drive away together (it appears Nina is leaving the home and going to live with Chase at Chase's parents' house). Robbie returns to Carla's house where he finds his wife passed out in the bathroom. He allows her to rest her head in his lap, intimating he will get back together with her. While Robbie's wife caresses his leg, Robbie buries his face in his hands.

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