The Flight of the Dragons

The heroes make it to Ommadon’s realm, but Ommadon launches an attack that results in Peter-as-Gorbash getting put to sleep and the other heroes getting killed. Ommadon appears and boasts that he has won, but Peter then materializes out of Gorbash. They have a verbal exchange, during which Peter tells Ommadon that he denies him, but Ommadon replies that to deny him is to deny all magic. Despite his reluctance, Peter declares that he denies all magic, and then he kills Ommadon by overwhelming him and his magic with his knowledge of science.

Peter gets sent back to his own time, the Last Realm of Magic starts to take shape, and the heroes return to life and are soon joined by the surviving wizards Carolinus, Lo Tae Zhao, and Solarius. The wizards explain to the heroes how Peter destroyed Ommadon, but because he denied all magic, he couldn’t – and would never be able to – enter this new realm. Melisande then asks Carolinus if she can be with Peter, since they fell in love with each other, and he decides to grant her request even though she will be forsaking her place in this new realm. He and Gorbash take her to Peter’s time, and she and Peter joyfully hug and kiss while they return to the Last Realm of Magic.

Peter-as-Gorbash, Sir Orrin, Danielle, Giles, and Aragh make it to Ommadon’s realm (Smrgol died at the last stop before the realm after fighting and slaying the ogre of Gormley Keep), and after Peter-as-Gorbash fends off two of Ommadon’s attempts to destroy them, Ommadon sends forth an army of dragons under his spell after them, led by his dragon Bryagh. When the heroes spot the approaching threat, Peter-as-Gorbash has Sir Orrin take out the golden flute given to him by Lo Tae Zhao, and then has Giles play a song on it. This puts all of the dragons into an enchanted sleep (and guaranteeing that Ommadon’s spell on them will be broken once they awaken), but at the cost of Peter-as-Gorbash being put to sleep as well. Bryagh is unaffected, however, and he proceeds to attack the other heroes. He succeeds in killing them all, but Sir Orrin manages to slay him before dying.

Ommadon then appears and boasts that he has won, but Peter suddenly materializes out of Gorbash’s body. He explains to Ommadon that, as Gorbash slept, he felt himself, and then remembered the scientific principle of how two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time, and upon comprehending that, he was able to gain release. Peter eventually expresses disbelief that a being as evil as Ommadon can exist and thus denies him, but Ommadon informs him that to deny him is to deny all magic. Despite visible reluctance in his face, Peter declares that he denies all magic. Ommadon then tries to do him harm by using magical incantations, but Peter fires back with incantations of his own in the form of scientific facts, and this overwhelms Ommadon and causes him to be painfully reduced to dust, leaving only his crown. After Peter picks it up, the dragons awaken, the heroes are brought back to life, and the Last Realm of Magic starts to take shape.

Carolinus then appears with his cottage, as do Solarius and Lo Tae Zhao. The heroes notice that Gorbash is himself again, and the wizards explain to them that Peter is gone. He had denied all magic and used his knowledge of science to destroy Ommadon, but because he denied all magic, he couldn’t – and would never be able to – enter this new realm. Melisande then comes out of the cottage, having awoken from her trance-like sleep, and she has Ommadon’s crown in her hands. She tells Carolinus that Peter had awakened her with a kiss and then left her the crown before disappearing, prompting Carolinus to remark that perhaps Peter isn’t completely lost to magic. Melisande then asks him if she can be with Peter, but Carolinus tells her that, if she does join him, she won’t be able to enter the Last Realm of Magic again.  

Peter is returned to his own time at the point where he first left, playing his board game with the pawnbroker. He takes out the shield from Solarius that he still has and gives it to the pawnbroker, and because it is solid gold, he looks to gain a fortune off of it. The pawnbroker tells him about all of the things he could do with the money, but he replies that he would much rather have a cottage in the woods (like Carolinus’), and he looks longingly at his playing piece of Melisande. As he does this, a woman comes into the pawn shop carrying Ommadon’s crown, and when Peter turns around to face her, he discovers it is Melisande. The two happily embrace and kiss, and outside, Carolinus is shown flying away on Gorbash back to the Last Realm of Magic, having brought Melisande there personally.

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