The Fabulous Baker Boys

After hiring Susie Diamond (Michelle Pfeiffer) as a vocalist, the Baker Boys become much more popular and successful. But Jack Baker (Jeff Bridges) becomes sick of playing cheesy pop standards with his brother Frank (Beau Bridges), thinking he's wasting his talent as a serious jazz musician.

Jack begins an abortive romance with Susie, but drives her away through his refusal to express his true feelings for her. She leaves the Baker Boys to take a job singing jingles for TV commercials. Frank is furious at Jack for alienating her, and the brothers get into a serious fight, after which Jack quits the act.

Jack decides to pursue a career as a solo jazz artist, but drops by Frank's house to try to mend fences. Frank accepts Jack's departure, saying he can make a good living as a piano teacher, and doesn't really need show business-  Frank always thought he was doing Jack a favor by keeping the act going. They reminisce fondly about the act's early days, and happily sing the oldie "You're Sixteen" together. They'll never work together again, but their bond as brothers is still strong.

Jack goes to see Susie, apologizes for his behavior, and asks for another chance. She gives no clear response, but Jack tells her he has a strong feeling they'll be seeing each other again. He watches her walk away, and we are left wondering if they still have a futrure together.

Thanks John L!