Witchboard 2: The Devil's Doorway

Russel finds out that his aunt Elaine had murdered Susan after she discovered that she was sleeping with her husband Jonas in lieu of rent. Susan’s spirit gets her revenge on them and kills them both, but Russel highly suspects that she also wants her life back and seeks to possess Paige to achieve this.

Paige visits Russel one night to talk about finding Susan’s body again and soon comes to believe that he is Susan’s killer, so she locks herself in his bathroom and uses the Ouija board to summon Susan for help. Her ex Mitch then appears and holds Russel at gunpoint, believing him to be the killer as well, but when he gives Paige the okay to come out, Susan emerges instead, having taken possession of Paige. She hurls Mitch through a window, but an electrical cable stops his fall, and then she kills Russel with a pick axe when he stands up to her. Mitch gets back inside and tries to fight Susan, but is easily overpowered. As Susan attempts to kill Mitch with the pick axe, Paige fights her from within and has her bring the weapon down onto the Ouija board, shattering it and sending Susan’s spirit back to where it came from.

Paige moves out of the apartment with Mitch’s help, and she mentions that Susan’s body was found and laid to rest, plus she plans to attend art school and wants to give their relationship another try. The ending hints that Susan may not have been completely vanquished.

One night, Paige (Ami Dolenz) brings the Ouija board and planchette over to Russel’s (John Gatins) photography studio to talk to him about the need to go back to Lot 217 in Park Woods to try to find Susan’s (Julie Michaels) body, even though she doesn’t know why Susan’s spirit said that the place was “Uptown” because Park Woods isn’t located there. He curses her for continuing to use the Ouija board to communicate with Susan’s spirit and throws down a portfolio containing pictures he took of Susan when she was alive, and Paige spots Susan in a photo wearing the same earring she earlier found in her fireplace and sees that Russel’s studio is called “Upton Photography,” and realizes that Susan had really been trying to spell “Upton.” After remembering how Russel told her that he inherited property, she realizes he inherited Lot 217 and therefore assumes that Russel killed Susan and buried her there. She locks herself in the bathroom and uses the Ouija board to summon Susan for help, despite Russel yelling for her to not use it and wanting to try to explain things.

As he tries to break down the door with a pick axe, Mitch (Timothy Gibbs) – having tracked down Paige to the studio – arrives and holds him up at gunpoint. He accuses Russel of being Susan’s killer, but Russel says that he discovered that his aunt Elaine (Laraine Newman) was the real killer, and she must have done it after she found out about the affair her husband Jonas (Christopher Michael Moore) was having with Susan (she slept with him in lieu of rent), and Jonas hid the body for her in Lot 217. He says that Susan came back to kill Jonas and Elaine (which she has already succeeded at), but what’s worse, he believes that she wants her life back and seeks to possess Paige to achieve this.

Mitch tells Paige that it is safe to come out, but when the door opens, Susan comes out clutching the Ouija board, having taken possession of Paige. She grabs Mitch and throws him out of a window, but his fall is stopped by an electrical cable that gets wrapped around his ankle. Russel takes Mitch’s dropped gun and points it at Susan, but she informs him that, if he shoots her, he will also be shooting Paige. Russel fires at her, anyway, but she disappears, and moments later reappears with the pick axe and kills him. Mitch then re-enters the studio and soon finds himself fighting Susan, but he is no match for her. Thankfully, before Susan can kill him with the pick axe as well, Paige fights Susan from within, and she forces the pick axe down onto the Ouija board and shatters it, expelling Susan’s spirit from her body and sending it back to where it came from.

Some days later, Paige moves out of the apartment with Mitch’s help, and she mentions that Susan’s body was found on the lot and laid to rest, and she intends to go to art school now. She also makes overtures to Mitch of wanting to get back together with him and kisses him. Meanwhile, two garbagemen – one of them being Jim (Todd Allen), the hero of the first film, who mentions to his co-worker Mike (Kenny Rhodes) (a minor character also returning from the first film) that Linda recently gave birth to a son, and they named him Brandon after his late friend – finish emptying the apartment’s dumpster, and Mike finds Paige’s automatic writer planchette on the ground. Jim nervously tells Mike to put it in the dumpster, so Mike sets it on its lid and questions Jim on whether he believes those things really work. However, after they leave, the writer spells out “yes” on the lid…..

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