Witchboard 3: The Possession

Brian’s spirit manages to communicate with Julie through the Ouija board, making her realize that someone else is possessing his body, and he instructs her to go to 346 Clark Street. She manages to slow the possessor, Nagor, and go to the address, and there she finds Dora, the widow of Francis. She explains that Nagor wants to sire a child with a human female, and had possessed Francis once and tried to do it with her, but she got away. She ends up giving Julie a special spearhead, saying that it can kill Nagor and free Brian’s spirit, but she must get the black ring off of Brian’s pinky finger and smear the spearhead with his blood to power it and then stab him with it. She then gets Julie out just as Nagor comes in and kills her.

Julie heads back to hers and Brian’s apartment, and Nagor comes in later on. With help from Brian’s spirit, she gets a sample of his blood on the spearhead, but when she chops his pinky finger off, Nagor sheds Brian’s body and reveal his true demon self. Julie then aids Brian’s return from the spirit world back into his body, and he soon kills Nagor by shooting the spearhead into him with a crossbow.

Brian and Julie move out of the apartment, but the ending hints that Nagor may not have been completely vanquished.


One day, Julie (Elizabeth Lambert) – after having grown very suspicious of Brian (David Nerman) and his change in behavior – heads up to the late Francis’ (Cedric Smith) apartment and finds evidence that Brian has something sinister planned that centers around her. After later getting word that her friend Lisa (Donna Sarrasin) was killed in an accident (but was really murdered by Nagor, the demon of fertility that has possessed Brian), Julie gets a hold of the Ouija board that Brian has been using. The real Brian uses it to contact her from the spirit world and gets her to find his spirit in a mirror, and then through using the board, he tells her that she must go to 346 Clark Street. She then slows Nagor (and reveals that she knows he isn’t Brian) by having him eat shrimp, since Brian is allergic to shellfish, and she runs off and drives to the address. Nagor immediately follows her.

Julie discovers that the address is the home of Francis’ widow Dora (Danette Mackay), who knows why Julie is here but isn’t too keen on helping her. She explains that Nagor aims to have a human female impregnated with his child (why he is trying to accomplish this is never explained), and she had abandoned Francis after he got possessed by Nagor and tried to copulate with her. She soon senses that Nagor is approaching, and after Julie begs her to help her, she gives Julie a necklace with a spearhead attached to it. She tells Julie that it is an ancient weapon used by shamans to fight evil, and Nagor can’t hurt her as long as she wears it. She also says that it can kill Nagor and free Brian’s spirit, but in order to do that, Julie will need to first smear it with some of Brian’s blood – since he is Nagor’s host – to power it, and then after removing the black ring Brian got from Francis (the ring’s exact purpose is also never explained), she must then pierce his skin with the spearhead. Dora then rushes Julie out the back door just as Nagor arrives out front, and he breaks in and kills Dora.

Julie goes back to the apartment, and Nagor comes in later on. Julie uses the spearhead to try to keep him at bay, but he manages to knock it out of her hands and then uses his powers to force her into a position so he can have sex with her. Brian’s spirit soon gets his attention by using some force from within to shake a nearby mirror, and eventually makes it explode, sending a shard at Nagor’s face and cutting him and causing some of Brian’s blood to smear on it. Julie gets the blood sample onto the spearhead and puts it into a crossbow that was hanging on the wall, but Nagor tells her that, if she kills him with that, she will kill Brian as well, and then telekinetically whips it away from her. Brian’s spirit then uses his force to knock Nagor out with a stone statuette, then yells at Julie to remove his ring. When it won’t come off, she grabs a meat cleaver and chops the whole finger off. Nagor gets up screaming in pain, then sheds Brian’s body to reveal his true demon self. Brian then tells Julie to bring the planchette over to the mirror, and he uses it to traverse back to the world of the living and go back into his body. Nagor gets a hold of Julie again and pins her down to try to impregnate her again, but Brian puts the spearhead back in the crossbow and gets his attention, enabling Julie to get away and over to him. Brian then fires the spearhead at Nagor and kills him, and he and Julie embrace.

Brian and Julie move out of the apartment building some days later, and before they leave for elsewhere, they throw the Ouija board and planchette into the basement furnace. However, after they go, the planchette bursts out and flies at the screen…

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