Class of 1999 Pt 2

As Jenna and Emmett are holding a school paintball game, Sanders and his gang trick Jenna into a secluded area so they can kill her, but Bolen – the son of Dr. Forrest who believes himself to be a battle droid but in truth is just a nutcase soldier wearing a protective body suit – suddenly appears and kills all of the gang except for Sanders, who runs away. He then starts coming after Jenna, who runs for a nearby bunker to acquire some real weapons. After getting some, she finds herself face-to-face with Sanders, but before he can kill her, Emmett – having heard all of the commotion – appears and fatally shoots him in the head.

Bolen then emerges and shoots Emmett in the abdomen, and after he kills the ex-CIA operative Ash when he appears and threatens his life with a handgun containing armor-piercing smart rounds, he throws Jenna down into the bunker, where she sees that Bolen had earlier planted a time bomb. She manages to get past him and get outside, but Bolen grabs her by the ankle. Emmett gets Ash’s gun into her hands, and she shoots Bolen a few times with it until he falls back into the bunker, and the bomb explodes and kills him.

Jenna starts teaching a remedial class at the school, but we see her arming herself with a knife and handgun and wearing a protective suit, showing that Bolen had an effect on her.

As Bolen (Sasha Mitchell) is staking out the area holding the school paintball game hosted by Emmett (Nick Cassavetes) and Jenna (Caitlin Dulany) and readying his weapons in preparation for a killing spree, Ash (Rick Hill) – an ex-CIA operative pursuing him – appears behind him holding a handgun containing armor-piercing smart rounds and makes him drop his machine gun. Ash expresses a desire to create an army of battle droids with him, since he is the last one of his series, but after he notices something unseen on Bolen’s neck that surprises him, Bolen stabs him in the back with a knife and leaves.  

Sanders (Gregory West) and his gang trick Jenna into leaving the paintball zone so they can kill her in a secluded area. Bolen then uses a bomb on a few students, putting Emmett and Sheriff Yost (Jack Knight) on alert, and together they find one of the booby traps Bolen had earlier set. Sanders and his gang get Jenna where they want her to be, but before they can do anything to her, Bolen appears and kills the whole gang except for Sanders, who runs away. Bolen then targets Jenna and chases after her, but after pinning her down and getting ready to drive his combat knife into her, Yost blasts him off of her with his shotgun. Bolen quickly revives himself and kills Yost, and Jenna escapes to the bunker nearby and breaks into it to acquire some real firearms. After getting them, Sanders confronts her and aims his gun at her, but an arriving Emmett kills him with a gunshot to the head.

Bolen then appears and shoots Emmett in the abdomen, but when he fires off a few more rounds, Jenna throws herself in front of Emmett to save him, and it is revealed that she has a K-Van protective body suit on underneath her fatigues. Bolen grabs her and tells her how he is a battle droid, but Ash suddenly appears and reveals to him that he isn’t a battle droid, but a human soldier wearing a K-Van suit (what he saw on his neck earlier on was a human flesh wound). He also reveals how Bolen is the son of Dr. Forrest, the antagonist from the previous movie, and somewhere somehow he went insane and came to believe that he was a battle droid. He then shoots Bolen with his special bullets twice and drops him, but as he goes over to Jenna and remarks how she has the same armor on, Bolen sits up and tosses his knife right into Ash’s chest and kills him. He then grabs Jenna and throws her down into the bunker, and she spots a time bomb that he had earlier set that is due to detonate in five minutes.

Bolen tells her that he has failed, as has she, and they must therefore die, but she tells him that they are soldiers and they can’t give up. She then starts to recite something from his book of war quotes, and as he takes over speaking it and gets lost in his thoughts, Jenna grabs a fire extinguisher and clocks him with it. She then tries to get up out of the bunker, but Bolen grabs her ankle just as she gets outside, and she starts clawing for Ash’s gun lying nearby. Emmett then comes to and gets it within her reach, and she shoots Bolen a few times until he falls back into the bunker. She then leaps on top of Emmett to protect him just as the bomb explodes and wipes out the bunker and Bolen along with it.

Some time later, Jenna is chatting with Emmett on the phone about how she is going to be teaching a remedial class, but we see that Bolen has left an impression on her, for she is wearing her K-Van suit under her clothes and is about to strap a gun and knife onto her person, and she mentions that she is learning karate. She confidently tells Emmett that, while the kids in the class will be tough, nothing can faze her anymore after what she has been through.

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