When confronted by the ghostbusters in his lair beneath the hotel, Rowan electrocutes himself, freeing his spirit to possess mortal beings. He first possesses Abby, and tries to use her to kill Jillian, but Patty stops her. At that point, Kevin pulls up on a motorcycle and is quickly possessed by Rowan, who chooses to use Kevin's body to enact his grand scheme - releasing ghosts all over Manhattan.

Kevin returns to Rowan's lair and reactivates his summoning device, which releases hundreds of ghosts and opens a portal to the netherworld. As Erin joins the team to combat the threat, Slimer quickly steals their car, the ECTO-1, with a girl Slimer and some random spooks in the back.

After busting (as in destroying) several ghosts, the ghostbusters once again confront Rowan (as Kevin). Rowan leaves Kevin's body and takes the form of the ghost from the GB logo, but inflates himself to a monstrous size. Unable to contain him, Jillian comes up with the idea that the nuclear accelerators on the ECTO-1's roof could reverse the flow of the portal if they are caused to melt down. As luck would have it, Slimer comes around the bend barreling down at the hotel. The ghostbusters aim their positron gliders at the accelerators, and cause the portal to suck in all supernatural forms. Rowan tries to drag Abby down with him, but she is saved by Erin. All damage done by the ghosts is reversed, and the previously destroyed hotel is restored to good as new.

Mayor Bradley's assistant Jennifer Lynch discreetly thanks the ghostbusters for their work on behalf of the city and tells them that the city will no longer interfere with their activities. The ghostbusters toast their victory.

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While listening to an audio recording taken from a supposedly haunted location, Patty asks the others "What is Zuul?"

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PLOT HOLE: When Rowan takes possession of Kevin, he is able to manipulate all police and first responders to hold them in place and make them dance. Why not have them kill the ghostbusters? I still enjoyed the heck out of this film, and I can probably do a one-man show of the 1984 film.

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