Deaf author Maddie's (Katie Siegel) quiet night in is rudely interrupted by The Man (John Gallagher Jr.) a mask wearing, crossbow wielding psychopath who has already killed her friend Sarah (and eventually Sarah's boyfriend as well). The Man intends to break Maddie psychologically before killing her. Maddie in turn works out several ways to escape her home but eventually realizes the only way she will live is to kill the man who threatens her life.

The Man breaks in and almost gets the drop on Maddie, but she feels his breath on her neck and attacks him. They fight through her living room, until The Man has her on the ground, strangling her. Maddie reaches for a metal wine opener that fell to the ground and jabs it into his neck, killing him.

The film ends with the sun rising and Maddie waiting outside for the cops as they arrive.

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!