Brain Candy

After the entire population is hooked on the drug, Dr. Cooper (Kevin McDonald) discovers that it makes 5% of patients fall into a coma in which they're trapped in their happiest memory forever. He takes this information to the drug company onto to discover that they're already aware of it, and are "warehousing" the coma victims and paying compensation to the families instead of stopping production. Dr. Cooper reveals the truth to the media, but they don't care, and everyone keeps taking the drug. The coma victims are featured in parades as heroes.

Dr. Cooper and his lab team create a new drug that invokes the patient's most unhappy memory, and use it to successfully rouse Mrs. Hurdicure (Kathryn Greenwood) from her coma. They plan to make more to reverse all of the comas.

An alternate ending was made in which a despairing Dr. Cooper takes the drug himself and falls into a coma.

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