A Lonely Place to Die

Allison and Ed (Melissa George and Ed Speleers), along with Anna (Holly Boyd) are the only survivors out of the mountaineer group with the other three having been picked off one by murderous kidnappers, Kidd & Mcrae (after the deadly duo stumbled upon a pair of hunters who they murdered before stealing their firearms). They make it into a police station only for Mcrae to slay both cops currently there. He then chases them outside where Ed is accidently shot by Andy's partner (a retrieval expert sent to recover Anna) with Mcrae then shooting Andy's partner before stealing his modified shotgun to finish off Ed.

Allison and Anna flee into someone's home only for Mcrae to burst in on them and shoot the owner, starting a fire in the process. He chases both upstairs (leaving his victim to be burned alive) and struggle ends in him being kicked out of a window onto a wall, snapping his neck and spine. Both girls are the rescued by the fire brigade. During this time Kidd (Sean Harris) has been making the exchange with Darko (Karel Roden) (revealing that he killed the last child hostage when his parents wouldn't cooperate, while another died when his parents took to long to pay). Both end up being thrown through a pub window during a struggle over the cash. Kidd takes off despite being shot, but is tracked down (by aid of a planted homing device) by Andy (upset upon discovering his partner dying) who beats him to a pulp. Darko on seeing that Anna is safe makes Andy drive out into the woods with a still living Kidd, where Anna's father (a suspected war criminal involved in some ethnic cleansing in Bosnia) is waiting with his cohorts beside a freshly dug grave.

Thanks Nicholas!