When the Bough Breaks

John and Laura Taylor (Morris Chestnut and Regina Hall) hire Anna Walsh (Jaz Sinclair) to be their surrogate to carry their child, but she develops an unhealthy obsession with John. After killing her abusive boyfriend Mike, Anna freely pursues John while putting his job and marriage on the line.

John's friend Roland (Michael Kenneth Williams) digs up dirt on Anna that reveals she murdered her foster father when he abused her. When Laura finds out about Anna's intentions, she gives John permission to seduce Anna so that she can let them have the baby. After Anna learns that John still loves Laura, she goes berserk and tries to kill Laura, but her water breaks and she goes into labor, delivering a baby boy.

The couple face off with Anna at their lake house, ending with Laura killing Anna by hitting her with their car. They get the baby, but may face problems from the cops.

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