PLANES: Fire and Rescue

Ever since Dusty Crophopper's (Dane Cook) gearbox had been damaged, he was not able to race again, leaving him heartbroken. So when Dusty hears that his airport needed a new firefighter, Dusty wanted to help, leading him to the next adventure of his life. 

But when he gets trained by Blade Ranger  (Ed Harris), it was harder than he had thought. Not to mention that a red warning light  (instaled by Dottie) (Teri Hacher)would flash every time he would go over 80% of his full throttle. Being a firefighter was hard work. Many people lose their lives in the process. 

Sometime later, Blade takes Dusty with him to fight one of the 2 wildfires that had been split up. But Dusty, not believing that he would never be able to race again, isn't paying attention and dumps all of his fire retardent and has to go to the lake, despite warnings from Blade not to do it because of the strong crosswinds. Dusty's engine stalls in the water, causing him to get trapped on the river. While trying to get him out, Blade's hoist gets caught on a fallen tree. Worse, Dusty was nearing a dangerous waterfall. Suddenly, Dusty clips a rock and falls down the face of the waterfall to his death on the rocks! 

But then. . .WOOSH-CLANK! Blade's hoist catches Dusty just in time before the little plane smashed into the rocks below. But at an old minesaft, Dusty and Blade argue about Dusty not red-lighting his engine, leading him to tell the truth about his damaged gearbox. Blade offers advice about not giving up, being very understandable about Dusty's problem. "Life doesn't always go the way you expect it, but you came here to become a firefighter. If you give up today, think of all the lives you won't save tomorrow." With the flames rapidly approaching and Dusty's new-found courage, the 2 hurry into the mine as the inferno rages towards them. Flames try to get to Dusty, but Blade rolls in front of the red-hot flames, saving Dusty's life. 

While they are in the mine, Dusty is safely protected by Blade, who shields him from the fire and takes the burning heat of the flames on himself. But when the fire passes, Blade's engine seizes and he crashes into the forest, leaving Dusty to quickly radio base. Windlifter (Wes Studi) lifts Blade back to base, where Maru (Chris Armstrong) begins to fix Blade. While Blade is resting, Maru tells Dusty about Blade's past and how Blade re-invented himself. He was once a famous actor who pretended to save lives until his partner (Erick Estrada) was accidently killed. Heartbroken, Blade decided to be a firefighter to save lives for real. 

But later that night, the team recives a report on a wildfire blocking the main exit. With Windlifter in charge, they atempt to fill up, but the hoses are dry, due to the greedy park superintendent (John Higgins Smith) re-routing the main water line to prevent the lodge from burning. With only what's left in their tanks, they set out into the blazing forest and put out the fire. 

But then, Dusty finds out by radio that 2 old RVs were trapped on a burning bridge deep in the fire zone. He and a repaired Blade, who arrives just in time to help, work together to save the couple, with Blade holding on to the bridge with his hoist and Dusty bravely going past his comfort zone by scooping up water from the waterfall. Soon, the day is saved. Dusty hears Blade calling him by his actual name for the first time, causing Dusty's blue eyes to turn at Blade's sky-blue eyes. Blade then congratulates Dusty and says his catch fraise: "Good move, partner!" That makes Dusty so happy.

Suddenly. . .POP! BANG! GRIIIIIIND-CHUNK! Dusty's gearbox gives out completely, rendering him completely flightless in midair! Smoke pours from his propeller into his eyes, blining him. He looks at his control panel, seeing it flashing with red alarms, and blaring off at the most ridiculous volumes. When Dusty realizes what had happened, his blue eyes go wide with fear. Then, he starts to slip into unconsciousness as he takes a nosedive down towards the treeline. The warning lights and alarms are still blaring as he smashes through trees, getting scratched and dented all over him by the thick branches. His own life is in grave danger-badly! He tries to make a safe landing, but one of his pontoons hits one of the trees, and he crashes with a big SMASH! Into the earth. When the dust settels, Dusty is all alone, and he is completely damaged all over. Luckily, he was still breathing, indicating that he was still alive. But worse, Dusty isn't responding to anything around him. He is completely unconscious-and dangerously close to death. 

The next day, Blade and Windlifter are heading back to base, with Blade leading the way, and with Windlifter carrying little Dusty on the helipad. The whole team watches in silence as Windlifter carefully and gently lowers a motionless Dusty onto the ground and places him in the garage. They put Dusty in a coma (deep sleep) and Maru works non-stop to get him fixed up, with Dipper (Julie Bowen) staying by Dusty's side the whole time. 

5 days later, Dusty finally wakes up in Maru's hanger. The mechanic has managed to patch Dusty back together-and has given him a new gearbox that he had made with spare parts! Not only that, Blade decides to fully certifiy Dusty, finally he has what it takes to be a real firefighter.

Now Dusty Crophopper is ready to be a hero-as a racer, and as a life-saving firefighter too!

Thanks Anna!