Mexico Barbaro


This film is comprised of a series of perverted (and as it turns out, really bad taste) short horror films all made by Mexican directors. Each segment is as follows:

(Adult content absolutely follows)

1. Tzompantli  - A journalist  meets with a member of a drug cartel who tells him stories about the atrocities committed by the cartel. The member tells him about how the cartel engaged in kidnapping the children of their enemies and then sacrificed the children in ancient rituals. He takes the the reporter to a storage locker wherein there is a rack full of the severed heads of these kids (the rack is a device used by ancient Aztecs).

2. Jaral de Berrios - Shot in an actual abandoned mansion in Mexico. Jose and Martin have just robbed a bank, though Martin has suffered a severe gunshot womb. The pair stop to spend the night at Jaral de Berrios (the abandoned mansion) despite its reputation as being haunted. While Jose explores the mansion, a woman appears and kisses Martin, who dies immediately thereafter. The woman then appears before Jose and they engage in sex acts (specifically, Jose goes down on her). The woman then turns into a corpse and bleeds into Jose's mouth. Jose tries to escape, but cannot make it to the exit before being driven mad by the ghost. The film ends with a shot of Jose hanging dead from a tree just outside the haunted mansion.

3. Drena  - A girl that lives with her older sister takes a cigarette out of a dead man's hands and goes home to smoke it. Once she takes a puff, a demon appears and demands she collect blood from her sister's privates or else it will suck her soul from her anus. The girl drugs her sister and collects the blood, but as she returns to her room, she trips and breaks the container.  When the sister awakens, she hears strange noises from the girl's room. The sister opens the girl's door and witnesses the demon sucking the girl's soul from her anus.

4. La Cosa Mas Preciada - Shot grindhouse style and meant as a "comedy." Javier and his girlfriend Valeria are on a vacation. They go to a cabin in the woods where Valeria intends to lose her virginity to Javier. Valeria is very uptight and demands everything be "perfect." Every time Javier tries to seal the deal, an old maintenance knocks on their door to warn them to keep their windows closed. Later, Javier hears sounds outside and goes to investigate. While outside, a creature breaks in through the window and abducts Valeria. The old man appears and explains to Javier that the woods are populated by creatures that like to steal things, but have never before stolen a person. The pair soon realize the creatures abducted Valeria in order to "steal" her virginity. As the old man laughs, Javier searches the woods for Valeria in vain. She is repeatedly raped by the creatures, hardly a "perfect" scenario. Police arrive and eventually find a badly assaulted and incoherent Valeria. They arrest Javier for the assault and Valeria is committed to an institution. The short ends with Javier incarcerated and Valeria rubbing her now-pregnant belly inside the institution.

5. Lo Que Importa Es Lo De Adentro - Laura is a special needs child living in an apartment with her young brother and single mother. Laura constantly eyes a homeless man that sleeps outside their apartment building and yells the word "boogey" at him. This behavior greatly annoys her mother and the homeless man is nothing but nice to the family whenever they walk past him (though when the mom is not looking, the man makes curde gestures to Laura). Over Laura's objections, the mom lets her son go out to play one night. With only Laura noticing from the window, the homeless man strangles her brother to death (Laura tries to get her mother to come to the window, but is ignored). The man then drags the boy's body to a secret room in the basement of the complex where he harvests the boy's organs (likely for sale on the black market) and violates the corpse. There are a bunch of "missing child" posters on the walls of this room, indicating that the homeless man has perpetrated this act on multiple occasions (and Laura has probably witnessed him kill before). The short ends with the mom frantically searching for her now-dead son and the viewer learning that Laura means "boogeyman" when she yells out "boogey" at the homeless man.
6. Muñecas - This short opens with a wounded woman making her way through a swamp. She is ultimately attacked by a man with a machete, but manages to fight him off with a large stick. While considering what to do, the man surprises and knocks her out. He drags her back to his shack in the woods. We see that the woods are full of the heads and limbs of dolls. In his cabin, three people are locked in a cage. They watch helplessly as the man hacks off the woman's limbs and head and begins boiling them until they shrink to doll size. The same fate awaits the trio locked in the cage as well. We eventually learn that the man and an accomplice market the area they live in as the "island of dolls" to tourists (and it's implied they capture certain tourists to make into the doll parts hanging from the trees).

7. Siete Veces Siete - A man named Rabbit, who has a hideously scarred face, steals a corpse from a morgue. He drives the body deep into the desert and performs a ritual that reanimates the body. Throughout the ordeal, Rabbit sees a spectral figure dragging a screaming woman and child behind him. Eventually, the reanimated body regains its  humanity and asks for water. The former dead man has no idea who Rabbit is. Through flashbacks, we learn that the former dead man is Rabbit's brother, who killed Rabbit's wife and child and then set Rabbit's face on fire. Now that the brother is alive again, Rabbit beats him to death. Rabbit then begins the ritual to bring his brother to life again so that he may exact his revenge another time. Nothing he does, however, can save the souls of his wife and child.

8. - Día de los Muertos - The female owner of a strip club gives a speech to her strippers, noting how life is tough, but that women must be tougher. The strippers all don makeup in celebration of the "Day of the Dead" celebration. We soon learn that all the men in the strip club are rapists (some having raped the women in the club) or worse. The strippers eventually attack and kill all the men as the proprietor happily watches.

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