Tristan + Isolde

The reveal of Tristan and Isolde’s affair nearly destroys the fragile alliance of the English tribes, but Tristan proves his loyalty when he dies defending King Marke’s castle.

Long Version:
Baron of Wessex, Wictred (Mark Strong) figures out that Tristan (James Franco) and Isolde (Sophia Myles) are having an affair. He schemes with the Irish King, Donnchadh (David O'Hara), to discredit newly crowned King Marke (Rufus Sewell) and weaken the newly formed  alliance between the English tribes; so he can manuever to be king himself.

When Tristan meets with Isolde for one last time, Lord Wictred exposes them. The truce with King Donnchadh is broken. Marke feels deeply betrayed by Tristan, who he loved like a son; but Isolde tells the him they were lovers before she married him, and Marke decides to let them leave and be free.

Meanwhile the traitorous Wictred, in league with Donnchadh, convinces a few of the other tribes to attack Marke’s castle and support Marke’s nephew, Melot (Henry Cavill), as the next king.

Tristan decides not to go away with Isolde, but stay and defend the castle against Donnchadh and Wictred’s forces. Melot is killed after Wictred betrays him. Tristan and Marke manage to kill Wictred, secure the castle, and convince the other tribes to fight against Donnchadh. However, Tristan is mortally wounded. Isolde returns just in time to be next to him as he dies, confessing his love.

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