The night before Tommy (Michael Morgan) and his friends are going to do their first performance as the Flies at their high school’s senior show, Tommy visits Sheila (Erin Donovan) at her home and finds her swimming in her pool once again. He gets into a fight with her over her obsessive need to improve her swimming abilities and shunning everything else, then enters the house to call his friend Ralph (Lanny Horn) so he can come and pick him up. He ends up having a chat with Sheila’s mother Diane (Joan Collins) about his problems with Sheila and his excitement over the upcoming performance, and then, while helping her hang a painting, she starts to really check him out and soon begins to feel him up. He goes along with it and ends up losing his virginity to her.

The next night, the Flies take the stage for their set (and Ralph’s mother has even brought along a music industry agent to check them out), and the audience loves their performance almost right off the bat. Unfortunately, as Lisa (Shell Kepler) starts riding her skateboard as part of the act, Gilles (John Romano) accidentally loses one of his drumsticks, and it gets in her path and causes her to take a tumble off of the board and knock the guitarist Mix (Mark Brown) off his feet, ruining the whole performance and dashing their hopes of becoming superstar musicians.

The next day, Tommy and Ralph are shown exiting a movie theatre, and Tommy voices his dissatisfaction over the movie they just saw and – in an echo of their first conversation about starting the Flies – starts telling Ralph that maybe they and their friends should focus now on trying to make a movie of their own and becoming film stars. 

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