House on the Edge of the Park

As Alex (David Hess) is cutting up Cindy (Brigitte Petronio) – a neighbor of Gloria’s (Lorraine De Selle) who simply stopped by the house at the wrong time – with his straight razor, Ricky (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) comes up to him to stop him, feeling that the violence has now gone too far. Feeling that Ricky has betrayed him, Alex slashes his abdomen wide open with the razor. As Alex then kneels next to him and breaks down over what he did to him, Tom (Christian Borromeo) takes advantage of this distraction to get a pistol from a nearby drawer.

Before the now-enraged Alex can take his anger out on Cindy, Tom gets his attention with the gun, and Alex realizes that the tide has turned on him. Tom shoots him three times, with the last one causing Alex to fall through the sliding door leading out to the backyard pool. Tom then removes the locket from Alex’s neck that he took from the girl he raped and strangled in the opening scene, and he reveals to Alex that that very girl was his sister. He found out that he had murdered her (how he found out is never explained), so he and Lisa (Annie Belle) lured him to the house in order to kill him and make it look like an act of self-defense. He then fires another shot into his genitals, causing him to fall into the pool, and Lisa then takes the pistol and shoots him once before Howard (Gabriele Di Giulio) takes it and kills Alex with a headshot.  

Tom tells the others that they should tell the police that he was the only gunman. Howard then goes up to Ricky to shoot and kill him as well, but Gloria stops him, no doubt because – by virtue of them earlier having somewhat consensual sex – she has some compassion for him, plus he had nothing to do with their friend’s death and he didn’t inflict any real harm on anyone tonight (it is presumed that they will just let the police deal with him). Glenda (Marie Claude Joseph) tends to Cindy, and after Tom and Lisa go into the study to call the police, they briefly talk about the whole revenge plan and decide that, despite some mistakes and inconsistencies, the plan worked out for the best.

Thanks Tornado Dragon!