xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

Augustus Gibbons (Samuel L Jackson) is killed by a falling satellite hacked by a Pandora Box while trying to recruit Neymar Jr, the Brazilian soccer player.

Cage (Diesel) is recruited by Marke (Toni Collette) after Xiang (Donnie Yen) and his team (Jaa, Bisping, Padukone) steal the box. Xiang and his team are all former XXX agents. Cage confronts Xiang and manages to retrieve the box but it is destroyed by Unger (Padukone), determining it is too dangerous to keep around.

Marke informs Cage they only destroyed the prototype and the real one is in the hands of a rogue CIA director in Detroit. Cage and Xiang in the end work together and retrieve the box, but are betrayed by Marke, who also programs a satellite to fall on the XXX teams on the ground to eliminate all those with knowledge of the box and make the XXX teams scapegoats.

Cage and Xiang fight Marke's team on a plane and fly it into the satellite just after Cage and Xiang escape. Marke is killed when Xiang straps her onto a falling container heading for the ground. The XXX ground team make a stand against Marke's army and is almost beaten until Darius Stone (Ice Cube) saves the day.

Xiang hands the box to Cage, who destroys it. Later, at Gibbons' funeral service, Cage is surprised to see Gibbons turn up alive with Neymar Jr, and encourages Cage to still stick with the XXX way. Gibbons does turn up with shaved head, and in glasses with one eye covered up, like Nick Fury.

Thanks Daniel