In the Valley of Violence

Despite his father's warnings to let it go, Gilly (James Ransome) and his friends go after Paul (Ethan Hawke), murder his dog Abbie, and leave him for dead.

Paul returns to town and kills Gilly's friends, Roy, Harris, and Tubby. The Marshal, Clyde Martin (John Travolta), Gilly's father, tries to reason with Paul for the life of his son. Gilly wants to fight, so he and Paul trade shots, killing Clyde in the crossfire.

Gilly pursues Paul in a barn where they trade blows. When Gilly looks like he will stab Paul, he is shot dead by Mary-Anne (Taissa Farmiga).

Mary-Anne carries the wounded Paul back to the hotel. On the way there, Paul sees the alcoholic priest (Burn Gorman) he crossed paths with several times and tells him he should stick around this time.  

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!