A Hologram for a King

After waiting numerous days, Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) and his team are finally able to make their presentation to the King and the Saudi government. Despite putting on an eloquent and well thought out presentation, Alan and his team see a group of Chinese businessmen meet with the government representatives as they leave, on the very same day of their presentation. The Chinese offer the Saudis IT services that are better than Alan's company for half the cost, . It is implied that Saudi government knew they were going to pick the Chinese for the contract, and knowingly wasted Alan's time.

Despite failing in the deal (and implied to be fired from his job) Alan finds a new purpose and life in Saudi Arabia. He takes up selling real estate to the new cities that are being built, and thus will still be able to send his daughter to college. He also finds love with a local doctor, Zahra (Sarita Choudhury) who had treated him earlier in the film.  

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!