Shaun the Sheep Movie

Shaun, the other sheep and Bitzer restore the Farmer's memory. They defeat Trumper and all return to the farm with a renewed sense of love for each other.

Long Ending:
This silent movie for kids(!) opens with photos from many years earlier when the Farmer was a young man. The Farmer, his trusty dog Bitzer, and his flock of sheep led by Shaun, all shared a loving and fun existence. But as the years went by, the farm settled into a routine and everyond began taking each other for granted.

Shaun decides to arrange for the sheep to enjoy a vacation day inside the Farmer's house. They distract Bitzer and put the Farmer to sleep by forcing him to count them (get it - counting sheep). They lock the Farmer in a trailer and go to relax in the house. Unfortunately, the trailer housing the sleeping farmer is knocked loose and rolls into the city. Upon arriving in the city, the Farmer is hit on the head and develops amnesia.

The farm begins to fall apart. The pigs take over the house, the bull and goat are running loose, and nobody is able to feed the animals. The sheep and Bitzer head into the city to find the Farmer. By this point in time, the amnesiac Farmer has become a revered celebrity barber (using his shearing skills to give celebrity customers the same haircuts he gives to his sheep). The flock and Bitzer are captured by an overly-serious dog catcher named Trumper and put in the pound. With the help of an ugly and unwanted dog named Slip, the band of animals escape the pound. They reunite with the Farmer... who chases them out of his barber shop as he does not remember who they are.

The animals devise a plan to kidnap the Farmer and bring him back to the farm. They succeed in capturing the Farmer, but are pursued by Trumper back to the farm. Trumper traps all of them in a shack and tries to push the shack off a cliff. The Farmer regains his memory and he helps Shaun thwart Trumper. The farm's bull then headbutts Trumper back to the city. The ordeal reignited the love between the Farmer and the animals, and they agree to take the occasional vacation from the daily farm chores so as not to fall into another malaise.

We learn that Slip has found an owner, the pound has been converted into an animal shelter, Trumper has had to find new employment as a chicken mascot, and the creepy dog from the pound is revealed to actually be a cardboard cutout disguising an escape tunnel. The film ends with the Farmer and Shaun watching news reports on the mystery of the recently disappeared celebrity "barber." 

Thanks Evan B!