I am a Ghost

Emily (Anna Ishida) is a ghost trapped in her family's home. She repeats the same routine daily, until a clairvoyant, Sylvia, begins contacting her. Each time Sylvia speaks to Emily, she upsets Emily and Emily flees the meeting and forgets what they discussed. Finally, Emily allows Sylvia to possess her. Sylvia explains to Emily that she's a ghost and makes Emily repeat this. Sylvia explains to Emily that she's been hired buy the house's new occupants to help Emily cross over into the light, but promises Emily that she is more concerned about helping Emily get to the "right" place than helping the family evict the ghost whose apparently tried to hurt them and even thrown knives at them.

Emily trusts Sylvia completely, tells her of her troubled childhood where she tried to kill her siblings and committed awful acts after blacking out. Emilys mother forced her to be hospitalized, threatened to lock her in the attic and subjected her to shock therapy. Emily was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and claims a man stabbed her to death on her mother's bedroom floor. Sylvia explains to Emily that she actually killed herself and the reason she can't find the light to cross over is that her personality/soul were divided at her time of death.

As Emily memories return, we see she was interested in gay sex, violence against herself and others, and when she opens the attic door a pale demonic naked man chases Emily through the house. Emily calls for Sylvia to help her, but Sylvia has abandoned her.

All of Emily's sins in life come flooding back, including stabbing herself to death on her mother's bedroom rug. Suddenly, Sylvias voice can be heard chanting "you are dead, you do not belong in this world." Emily begs for help as darkness surrounds her, no light. Sylvia had tricked her, making Emily think they were friends, in reality she is working for the family to get rid of the evil ghost and the "right place" Sylvia talked about sending her was Hell.

She was a suicide, a sinner who blamed her inner demon. Hell is repetition, and darkness swallows Emily.

Thanks Melissa!