Ambitious Kung Fu Girl

A spoiled heiress, Tian Si Si, thinks she is a kung Fu expert because her father pays men to come challenge her in fights and lose. She is upset that her father has betrothed her to a friend's son, Yang Fan, that she has never met. She admires a legendary fighter Qing Ge and, disguised as a man, leaves home with her maid to meet him. Het father promises to triple her dowry if her fiance can find her.

Tian Si Si and her maid are robbed and taken to Aunt Yang for shelter,  Aunt Yang is transvestite who runs brothel. Tian Si Si escapes with help of one eyed man who demands she marry him as reward. When she refuses, he tricks her into showing up for a wedding. She is rescued by fiance Yang Fan. She snubs her fiance and then meets a famous prostitute who takes her to meet famous fighter Qing Ge. 

Qing Ge is competing in gambling house match against famous fighter Lieu Feng, who lives in isolation.  Her hero loses the gambling match but wins kung fu fight with his rival,  then gets drunk, turns out he owes money to famous prostitute and agreed to get heiress back to brothel. Fiance Yang Fan  and fighter Qing Ge  team up to rescue Tian Si Si,  they fight one eyes guy who is really Lieu Feng and secretly married to the famous prostitute. The couple are head of clan that sells women into prostitution.

It turns out famous fighter Qing Ge had been working secretly for local magistrate to investigate the gang,  bad guys are killed,  heiress thinks fiance has been killed and cries. He is really alive and fighter Qing Ge makes them kiss. They will get married.

Thanks Joy!