The Blood Lands
aka: White Settlers

The group of pig men that have been stalking Ed (Lee Williams) and Sarah (Pollyanna McIntosh) are not killers. They are the sons of the previous owner, enraged that their family home was taken by the bank only to be bought by a London couple.

Despite one of the brothers being killed by Sarah, the remaining brothers stick to their plan. They capture Ed and Sarah and return them to London with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The remaining men and their families then move into the estate, basically being squatters in their own home.

Sarah wakes up to a police officer checking on her. She crawls to Ed and embraces him as he too wakes up. It is left unclear what their next move will be as all their possessions are at the house they were just driven from, or if any of the men who terrorized them will face any repercussions for their actions.  

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!