Sukeban Deka 2: Counter-Attack of The Kazama Sisters

Taking place after the first film, Yui Kazama (Yui Asaka) has been assigned to the Juvenile Security Bureau, led by Kurado Sekin (Masaki Kyomoto). However, Sekin's brutal tactics cause Yui to resign in disgust and retire to the countryside.

At the same time, her sisters Yuma (Yuma Nakamura) and Yuka (Yuka Onishi) learn that their previous boss, Director Kurayami has been arrested by Sekin on suspicion of terrorism and treason. In actually, Sekin is committing all the acts of terrorism using the corrupted Juvenile Security Bureau. He plans to overthrow the government and install a police state, framing Kurayami, the Kazama Sisters, and a gang of outcast orphans as the true culprits.

With the gang, Yui is able to figure out Sekin's last act of terrorism. Stopping him before he kills Director Kurayami and one of her sisters, Sekin tries to flee in a plane and commit the last terror attack. However, Yui uses her yo-yo to damage the plane, causing it to catch fire, lose control and crash to the ground, killing Sekin and stopping his evil plan for good.

Yui reunites with her sisters, and they say goodbye to Director Kurayami, the three intending to stay retired. The film ends with Yui and her sisters in the countryside riding horses, finally at peace. 

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!