Watch This

This is anthology film of four tales with a wrap around segment.

T.G.I.F. (wraparound segment)
A man, The Watcher (Corey A. Thrush) looks at a web article about a missing girl when he notices a pop ad telling him to Watch This! Taken to a movie streaming site, he clicks on a title that has four stories and begins to watch them...

Woodford County
A couple is watching a movie when the man hears a noise and sees a man breaking into his car. The man, Darius, chases the man into the woods with a shotgun, but is eventually stabbed to death by the man he chased. The man is a serial killer that goes on a rampage, strangling another man in his home, drowning another, and fatally stabbing a jogger. He then kidnaps a man who tried to flee. The man is given a water bowl by The Killer, as he sobs, asking what the killer wants. The film ends with a To be continued tag...

The Way of the Buffalo
A man breaks into the house of a woman and rapes her, suffocating her to death in the process. However, the man dies of a heart attack soon after. When the police identify him as Scott Matthews (Scott Gillespie), they search his apartment and find a video. In it, Scott talks about the infamous nature of serial killers and he himself wants that fame, given he has been told he has a terminal heart condition. He muses that in the end, it is better to burn out than to fade away. He then enacts his plan, the woman he attacked being his one and only victim.

Ladies Night
A trio of male friends are hanging out at one of their houses when a trio of females, Frankie (Amanda Collins), Camille (Christy Faulkner) and Elaine (Emily Sewell Smith) walk up to them claiming to be lost. The three friends offer them drinks and company and the girls seem open to it. However, the three are a group of serial killers, who proceed to kill the men by smothering, castration and a slit throat. The three girls get into their car and leave, just as another roommate arrives home and discovers the bodies.

Kimber (Emily Sewell Smith) and Analies (Ayse Howard) are a young lesbian couple who hate their small town and the people that judge them. Versed in the occult, Kimber plans to summon a demon to help them. After apparently failing, the Demon (Erin R. Ryan) appears and asks what they want. Kimber says she wants to "escape her life." The Demon asks what Analies wants, and Analies says she wants Kimber "to be happy." The Demon, angered at being summoned for such petty reasons, decides to teach them a lesson, twisting their words to give them what they wanted. The Demon grabs Kimber by the neck and breaks it, allowing her to "escape her life" and giving Analies what she wanted since she wanted Kimber "to be happy." Analies recoils in horror and runs off, the film ending with a to be continued tag...

T.G.I.F. (ending)
The Watcher finishes the film then goes to the fridge. Behind him, a woman covered in blood stands. Grabbing something sharp, she proceeds to attack him, stabbing him to death. The woman is the missing girl from the article, and The Watcher was her kidnapper/tormentor. She goes to the computer, and restarts the movie he was watching, and the film ends.

Thanks Tim (Spectre)!