Dave Made a Maze

Annie and Dave finish building the maze together, and then destroy it. Most of the maze-goers make it out alive and they help drag all the cardboard to the recycling. The minotaur is also shown to have escaped the maze.

Long Ending:
The opening animated credits show a guy named Dave (Nick Thune) engaged in a number of construction activities. The movie then begins with Dave's girlfriend Annie (Meera Rohit Kumbhani) comes home and finds a small cardboard maze in the middle of the house. Dave calls out from the inside of the maze and says he is lost inside, claiming the maze is much bigger than it looks. Annie tries to break the cardboard maze down, but Dave demands she not rip it apart. Eventually, Dave convinces Annie to call their friends to help. 

The friends decide to enter the maze and rescue Dave. This includes Annie, Dave's best friend Gordon (Adam Busch), filmmaker Harry (James Urbaniak) and his videographer and boom operator, over-excited Jane (Kristen Vangsness), cute couple Brynn (Stephanie Allynne) and Greg (Timothy Nordwind), Leonard (Scott Krinsky) and some random Flemish tourists that heard about the maze. 

When they enter, they find the maze is indeed massive. As they explore, they find that the maze (in fact, it's a labyrinth) is expanding and changing of its own accord. The labyrinth is full of deadly booby traps made of cardboard, as well as sentient origami and cardboard creatures. The maze can also warp reality (at one point, they are all turned into paper bag puppets - we later find Dave's hand has turned to cardboard after he stuck it into a "giant, glowing lady part" he found in the maze). The maze is also patrolled by a monstrous cardboard-headed minotaur (John Hennigan), whose thirst for human flesh is exceeded only by its desire to escape the maze. Several of Dave's rescue party are killed by the minotaur or the booby traps. 

The rescue party finally finds Dave and after several escape attempts, they realize they must finish building the maze in order to escape (Dave is notorious for never following through on anything). Dave and Annie journey to the center of the maze to build a heart for the maze that can then be destroyed (thus destroying the maze) while the others keep the booby traps and minotaur at bay. On the journey, Dave and Annie reaffirm their love for each other. They successfully build the heart for the maze and after some hesitation, slice it in half with a samurai sword Dave brought with him. The maze collapses. 

Dave, Annie, Gordon, Harry, and the Boom Operator emerge from the cardboard wreckage. They all clean up the cardboard and throw it in the recycling dumpster outside Dave and Annie's apartment. Harry vows to make a movie with all the footage he shot and Dave suggests that the movie be called "Dave Made a Maze." Meanwhile, the minotaur emerges from the cardboard debris in the recycling bin, having finally achieved its goal of escaping the maze. Animated end credits show the survivors and the minotaur living happily ever after (though Dave's hand continues to be made of cardboard).

Order of Deaths:
It is unclear whether the deaths actually occurred. When a character was killed in the maze, confetti and silly string pour out instead of real blood. Nonetheless, the characters certainly seem dead (Jane's severed head, for example, is seen several times on the ground throughout the movie), and none of these dead characters emerge from the maze after it collapses.

  1. Jane - Steps on a booby trap and is beheaded by a cardboard spring-loaded axe.
  2. Greg - He is impaled upon a "spiked" cardboard wall after setting off a trip wire.
  3. Brynn - She is captured by the minotaur. She is later found transformed into a paper-mache creature possessed by the maze. Brynn is killed when the minotaur rips her apart.
  4. Camera man - He is dragged into a bottomless pit, but not before throwing the tapes he shot of the maze to Harry and accusing Harry of sleeping with his wife.
  5. Leonard - Killed by the Minotaur.
  6. Flemish couple - Though never confirmed, they do not emerge from the maze after it collapses. Apparently killed in the collapse. 

Thanks Evan B!