Blade Runner 2049

A Replicant Blade Runner known as K discovers a box containing the remains of the Tyrell Corp Replicant Rachael, who died giving birth to a child. K is tasked to find the child and retire it.

Niander Wallace, a Replicant manufacturer, wants to find the child to find out how to expand his Replicants off-world. He sends his Replicant assistant Luv to follow K as he tracks down the child.

K meets Rick Deckard, the former Blade Runner who has gone into hiding after giving his and Rachael's child up. Luv finds the two and kidnaps Deckard to bring him back to Wallace. Despite Wallace trying to use a copy of Rachael to convince Deckard to help him, he refuses. K finds Deckard and rescues him after killing Luv, but he sustains serious wounds in the fight.

Deckard and Rachael's daughter is Dr. Ana Stelline, a memory designer who secretly implanted her own memories into K's mind (which made him believe he was Deckard and Rachael's son). K is implied to die while Deckard goes to meet Ana for the first time.

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