Tom (Richard Carlson) and Meg (Eugene Sanders) are with her family on an island, to get married in a few days.  Vi (Juli Redding), Tom's old girlfriend shows up demanding Tom come back to him.  Vi has letters from Tom that contain some incriminating information.  Vi threatens to reveal them and ruin Tom, if he does not come back to her.  They are talking on top of an old lighthouse.  Vi leans against the rail, and the rail gives way.  As she hangs there, she calls to Tom.  He lets her fall to her death.

Tom is haunted by the ghost of Vi, accusing him of murdering her.  Meg's wedding ring disappears and Vi's jewelry shows up in unexpected places.  Tom sees Vi and talks to her.  Others think he is cracking up.  The ferry boat driver comes to collect money that Vi owed him.  From the way Vi talked, the ferry man thinks she and Tom are in a hot affair.  He sees that Tom is about to marry Meg, and he tries to blackmail Tom for $5000 to not tell Meg about Vi.  Tom kills the ferry man.  Unknown to Tom, Meg's little sister Sandy sees Tom kill the man.

During the wedding ceremony, a gust of wind blows open the church doors.  The candles go out, and the flowers wilt.  Tom flees to the lighthouse.  Sandy follows him, and reveals that she saw him kill the man.  Tom realizes she will expose him and prepares to push her off the lighthouse.  He is startled by the ghost of Vi, and falls to his death.  When they search for Tom, they find Vi's body.  The bodies are placed side by side on the sand.  Vi's dead arm reaches around on its own and embraces Tom.  The wedding ring is other finger.  

Thanks Joseph C!