Black Fox 2
The Price of Peace

Delores/Morning Star goes back to Ralph to try to prevent the attack, but when he starts to abuse her again, she returns to the Kiowa camp.  Ralph is killed in the attack by Running Dog.

About a year has passed since the events of the first movie.  Running Dog (Raoul Trujillo) and several Kiowa have broken away from their leader Chief Lone Wolf because he still attacks settlers, and Running Dog's new tribe is at peace with the Elm Creek settlement.  He and Britt Johnson (Tony Todd), known as Black Fox to the Kiowa, have become blood brothers, and now they have a relationship similar to what Britt has with his original blood brother Alan (Christopher Reeve).  Running Dog is also now married to Morning Star (Cynthia Preston), the former Delores Holtz, who refused to return to Elm Creek because her now ex-husband Ralph (Chris Wiggins) was abusive to her.  To this day, Ralph still blames Britt for not getting her back, even though he had nothing to do with her decision to stay.  One day, Britt's son Frank overhears Ralph speaking with traveling preacher Reverend Thorne, who recently came to Elm Creek, and they agree to work together so they can get Delores/Morning Star back.  Frank then tells his father what he heard.  Meanwhile, Alan wants to start a family, but his wife Sarah (Nancy Sorel), still traumatized from being raped by the Comanche, isn't ready to start making love to her husband just yet.

The next day, Britt oversees the Reverend give several repeating rifles to Ralph, and he quickly figures that the Reverend is a gunrunner and Ralph is planning to attack Running Dog and his tribe.  He tells Alan what is happening, but Alan surprises Britt by saying that he can understand why Ralph is acting that way.  He just wants his wife back, just like they wanted their wives back last year.  He also hasn't forgiven the Indians for what they did to Sarah, so he's not in the mood to defend any of them.  Later, Britt learns that Ralph has recruited several settlers to help with the attack.  Britt can't go to the militia because they have left Elm Creek to fight the Comanche, so he calls a meeting with the rest of the settlers to try to get them to stop Ralph.  Since most of them don't like the Indians either, they tell him they won't help.  Britt then decides he has to ride to Running Dog's camp and warn him to what is about to happen, but since it's late in the day, he'll leave in the morning.  Ralph learns about Britt's meeting with the settlers, and he says that before they take care of the Kiowa, they'll need to take care of Britt.  That night, Ralph and some others go to the Johnson homestead and attempt to lynch him, but Britt's wife Mary (Janet Bailey) and Sarah shoot at them and drive them off.

Alan, who had been driving a herd of cattle to Fort Worth, learns of what happened to Britt and immediately comes home.  With several broken ribs, Britt is in no condition to ride anywhere, so Alan says he'll go to the Kiowa camp.  But as he is about to leave, Britt says he's coming as well, despite Mary's protests.  Meanwhile at Running Dog's camp, the Reverend is there to sell the Kiowa old flintlock rifles.  He tells Running Dog that Ralph and several settlers have left Elm Creek and are coming to get his wife back and to kill as many of you as possible.  Morning Star offers to return to Ralph to save their lives, but Running Dog won't allow it, and agrees to buy the old guns.  Shortly after the Reverend leaves, Britt and Alan arrive at the camp, and tell Running Dog that the flintlock guns are unreliable, and they'll be slaughtered if they fight with them.  With the Reverend still in the area, they decide to go after him.  Despite what Running Dog told her, Morning Star leaves the camp and goes to Ralph, and tells him she'll return to Elm Creek if he calls off the attack.  But after only a few minutes together, Ralph is abusing her again.  Delores/Morning Star knocks out Ralph with his rifle and goes back to Running Dog's tribe.

Alan and Britt catch up to the preacher, and chase him along the riverbank.  He tips over his wagon, and hits his head on a rock when he falls out, killing him instantly.  The brothers then look in the wagon and see a Gatling Gun.  They upright the wagon and take it to the Indian camp.  Morning Star has now returned to the camp, and Running Dog tells her he is moving the women and children to the mountains for their safety.  The next morning, the attack begins.  Several settlers and Kiowa are killed right away, but the Kiowa are able to chase Ralph and the remaining settlers out of the camp and into a valley.  The battle then favors Ralph, and many Kiowa are killed, but then the Johnsons arrive with the Gatling Gun.  The threat of using the gun quickly stops the fighting, but Running Dog then shoots an arrow at Ralph, killing him. The remaining settlers quickly retreat back to Elm Creek, and Running Dog, after saying goodbye to Britt/Black Fox, takes the remaining Kiowa to their new camp in the mountains.  The movie ends with Alan and Britt throwing the Gatling Gun into the river.

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