Mulholland Drive

Betty (Naomi Watts) and Rita (Laura Elena Harring) are figments of Diane Selwyn's imagination. Diane (also played by Naomi Watts) is cracking up because her lover Camilla Rhodes (also played by Laura Elena Harring) has rejected her for film director Adam Kesher (Justin Theroux). In the end, Diane puts out a contract for Camilla's murder. When she gets the blue key confirming that Camilla is dead, she goes over the edge and commits suicide on her bed. But as she dies, she provides the plot for the first 5/6ths of the film by imagining a fantasy world where she (as Betty) is the Hollywood rising star; Camilla (as Rita) is a glamorous amnesiac in peril, and Adam (still Justin Theroux) has no control over any aspect of his own life.
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